Week 24

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the end of this week, I'll be 6 months pregnant! Hard to believe! Another "milestone" this week--Henry is now viable, so, if God forbid, he would decide to enter the world after this week, there would be a good chance that the NICU doctors could save him. However, I've worked with a number of children born this early and even later, and although they can make excellent progress and gains and nearly catch up to their peers, they still end up with a host of developmental problems. That being said, Henry, you just stay in there for 14-16 more weeks.

Henry continues to kick up a storm. Ryan and I finally caught it on the outside..it was pretty neat to see my stomach move!

Other than that, we continue to buy little outfits here and there, but nothing else major yet. Uncle Josh bought us our high chair which we need to pick up later this week.

Next week Henry will go to his "first" Twins game....I start working games again next week. Although I'm planning on starting out strong and working many games this month, we will see how I can take it carrying Henry around all night. As I get bigger and more uncomfortable, I may have to cut back, but we'll see how it goes.

Week 23--Hello baby bump!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I've had another growth spurt. Up until this point, I've been wearing a lot of stretchy long sleeve t-shirt type shirts (both maternity and non-maternity) and I've come to a point where each and every one of them are too small for me. I've been wearing a lot more "traditional" maternity shirts lately...with the exception of today's picture. I wanted to accentuate the bump. :)

Our doctor appointment on Friday went well. I'm measuring right where I should be and we heard Henry's heartbeat going nice and strong again. We did find out, however, that my doctor is also pregnant, and is due right around when I'm due. Initially, this upset me, as here we are at our 22 week appointment, and she's finally telling us? (Her white coat hides her bump well, apparently). But, there are 7 doctors at the practice, and it's recommended that once I reach the bi-weekly and then weekly appointments that I rotate through the other doctors, as the chances of actually even getting my doctor come delivery time are 1 in 7.

At my next appointment I will need to do my glucose test. As I understand it, I have to chug a bottle of "Hawaiian Punch" flavored drink crap (that apparently tastes nothing like Hawaiian Punch and is disgusting) in just 5 minutes. Then they monitor my blood sugar (or something) for 1 hour. If I pass, that's great--if not, I guess it's not a good thing and then you have to go through even longer tests to see whether or not I have gestational diabetes. All of my lab work has come back great and my blood pressure has been great as well, so hopefully, I'll be ok.

I think that's it for the updates...check out the crib photos in the post below!

Crib and Bedding!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here are a few pictures of the crib and the new bedding! Grandma and Grandpa Filand bought the crib and mattress for Henry. It was quite the adventure picking it up from the Walmart in Eden Prairie. First of all, even though we had all the proper names, ID, and confirmation number, they couldn't "bring it up on the computer" even though they saw it in the back with my mom's name on it. Then, as we are standing there in the back of the store waiting for the dude to figure it out, there was apparently a Walmart team meeting going on, which ended in a hilarious high school football team-ish Walmart cheer ("Give me a W! (W) Give me an A! (A)....etc, etc, etc.) I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help it. I wonder if they have these cheers at the Winona Walmart??!
Mocha always needs to be the center of attention. Below, she and daddy are trying out the new recliner. Her new favorite spot is to be on top of the chair, even though it rocks....she hasn't fallen off yet....

Week 22!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here's the bump! I've finally been getting more comments from people who didn't already know, so I think I can safely say I'm out of the "Is she, or isn't she pregnant stage?" I bought this shirt a month or so ago online, and it was way too big. I almost returned it for a smaller size, but figured I'd grow into it. As it seems, I have, just about. It's a little big yet, but in about a few weeks, should fit perfectly.

I feel Henry kick quite often. He goes through spurts. When I do feel him, it'll be like 5-10 kicks in a row, and then I won't feel him for the rest of the day. Sunday, I felt the hardest kick yet, as it made me jump. Yes, I know the kicks will get even stronger, but it was startling none the less. I forgot to update last time that Ryan has finally felt Henry a few times too, finally :)

We have our next doctor appointment on Friday. We have them at four weeks apart right now, but they always seem to come up so fast. This pregnancy really seems to be moving quickly!

I think that is all for now!

I LOVE Old Navy clearance!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Old Navy and Gap have by far, the cutest baby clothes I have seen, and since we had not been in Old Navy since we found out we were having a boy, we decided to take a look and see what they had. What they had was unbelievable clearance! We got everything in the picture for a little over $30.00! What's even better is that we didn't pay more than $5.00 for any item. I guess that's what's nice about baby clothes---they don't start out too expensive, so when they are on clearance, they are SUPER cheap!

I LOVE this cute little sweater-- $5.00!

I really like this one...

This one says "S.B.G. (Spoiled by Grandpa)

This didn't come from Old Navy..we bought this at Target right after we found out baby was a boy...

This super cute Twins onesie came from JcPenny's a while back...it's one of the few things we've bought in the newborn size, just because I want Henry to be able to wear it right away, as he will be born smack dab in the middle of baseball season. Most other things we've bought have been 3/6/9 months, as we've heard babies grow fast!

Week 21

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

According to most people, it seems I've had a growth spurt in the last week. I've also gone back to posting a bare belly pic this week to prove that my belly is actually there! I'm getting slightly annoyed with all the "oh, it's just a little belly" comments. I couldn't even get on an old pair of pajamas last night...I had to resort to wearing a pair of Ryan's shorts to bed because none of my spring/summer pajama bottoms fit me anymore, as I usually wake up in the middle of the night having to throw the covers off of myself....it is no longer "just a little belly."

I'm still not sleeping well, and have also developed weird leg cramps during the day, and also have weird tingly feelings in my legs when I wake up. I've read that this is all normal. Other than that, we've been busy finishing up our registries and buying small things here and there for Henry.

The letters behind me in the pictures spell out Henry and will be used in his nursery. For the time being, they are on our fireplace mantle.

We also bought two rocker recliners that we got a steal of a deal on this weekend. One is in the nursery, and one is downstairs in the family room. I love it...I sat in it all night last night. :)

That's all for now...I'm past the midway point!

Why is your belly getting so big?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
One of my students FINALLY noticed that I have gotten a rather large belly.

First, let me tell you a conversation I had with a child back in November, which ironically, occurred just days before I actually found out I was pregnant.

"Wait, are you anyone's mommy?"
"No, I'm not a mommy yet."
"Oh, so you don't have any kids?."
"No I don't."
"Oh, so you're just a teacher."
"Yep, I'm just a teacher."

So, one of my students asked me why my belly was getting so big, and I told him because there is a baby in my tummy. The same student who I had the above conversation with happened to be in the same area today, and this is what followed....

"Wait, really? There's a baby in your tummy?"
"Yes there is."
"So, wait...you said you didn't have any babies before. Does this mean that you'll be a mommy to this baby?"
"Yes, it means I'll be a mommy."
"So you'll be a mommy and a teacher, that's cool!"

It's amazing to me that he remembered that conversation from way back in November...and still even more amazing to me that the original conversation happened while I was, indeed pregnant, but didn't know it yet.

As the tummy grows, I'm sure there will be more and more funny stories to share. :)

Week 20: Halfway!?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here's the halfway picture! I can't believe that we've already reached the halfway point. Henry really will be here before we know it. I FINALLY had someone ask me if I was expecting yesterday who didn't already know...it's about time! I'd really like to be past the "Is she pregnant, or just getting fat stage?" where people are afraid to ask. Hopefully this mean I have a well established baby bump.

There's really nothing else new, and I need to get to work, so that's it for now!

Here comes Henry!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Henry will likely not appreciate the fact that I am posting his boy parts on the internet, but here's the tell-all picture. Henry is definitely boy and we couldn't be more excited to finally know we're going to have a son!

In other news, the ultrasound tech said that I have an anterior placenta, which basically means nothing more than the placenta is in the front instead of the back. She told me not to be surprised if I didn't feel Henry kick until 22/23 weeks......BUT, I thought I felt a few kicks Friday night, and I FOR SURE felt kicks today, after having some apple juice. I could even see my tummy move where I felt the kick. It was the best feeling--Ryan wasn't quite quick enough, so hopefully Henry will stay active long enough next time for daddy to feel!
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