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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Where do I start? Up until last Sunday, I tried really hard to enjoy every last moment I had with Henry and not think about leaving him. It worked up until Sunday night, when I finally broke down and cried myself to sleep. Henry stayed at home with my mom this week, so it was a little easier to leave him than it will be when he goes to daycare, but still incredibly hard.

I was INSANELY busy at work this week trying to catch up...which was helpful in that it kept me pretty distracted most days. Mondays and Wednesdays I barely have time to eat as I go from my normal preschool to a different preschool in a different town. Pumping at work is interesting to say the least. It's unfortunate that it seems to take up half of my prep time as I'm trying to pump at least three times a day to keep the supply up. On Monday, I realized there wasn't an outlet in the small room I planned to pump in, so I had to pump in the closet office that I share with my other teacher and covered myself up with my coat as there are windows in each of the two doors that lead in to it. After that, I used batteries for my pump so that I could pump in our other small closet. I pump on the floor and sit against the door just in case teachers from the adjoining classroom aren't paying attention. That door also has a window, so I had to tape paper over it. Two mornings this week I just didn't have time to get my first pumping session in before the kids got there, so I was in a bit of pain by lunchtime. I'm going to try really hard not to let that happen again. I seem to be pumping the exact amount he needs most days, and if I through one more pumping session in around 10 before I go to bed, I seem to have more than enough milk at this point for the next day. Let's hope that continues. Each day except for one he took three 4 oz bottles and actually spaced out his feedings for about 3 hours at a time.

To make a really difficult week even more difficult, I was in a fender bender in the school parking lot on Wednesday. Further examination by Ryan made it clear that it was likely the other woman's fault, so we'll see what the insurance companies decide on that. But really? My third day back at work and I get to come home with a scratched up bumper. At the end of last school year (I believe one of the last three days of school) a deer ran into my car while I was going 55 mph on my way to school. My car has taken a beating lately.

One of my students is very excited about Henry. When we were putting our things away on Monday, out of no where he says "Your baby Henry is just the best baby ever Ms. Jenna". I had been doing ok crying wise up until that point. I showed him a picture of Henry at our open house at the beginning of September, and on Monday he drew a picture of a baby face that was meant to be Henry...too cute. I meant to bring it home and take a picture of it, but I left it at school. Each subsequent class day after that, Henry gets a "present" from this student.

On Wednesday, another one of my students turned to me in the middle of circle time and says "Hey...why aren't you still at your house taking care of your baby?" There's not really a good answer to that question that a 4 year old would understand so I think I left it as "I had to come back to work so I could be your teacher again."

Thus, I survived the week, but never in my life had wanted a Friday afternoon to come faster than I did this week. Henry was sleepy almost every day I came home and wanted to nap, so most days I felt like I barely got any time with him.

Yesterday we went to Albertville and bought him a bunch of long sleeved clothes--he barely had any for the size he is now. Ryan also picked an ADORABLE hat out. Look for a picture of that later today.

In other Henry news, he is smiling all the time now, which is honestly the best thing in the whole world. He's also cooing very often now (he loves this orange Halloween blanket we have and will basically laugh/squeal at it for 5 minutes straight.) I'm still working on getting a video of his cooing, but he seems to stop every time I bust out the camera.

I think that's about it. I'll be posting some new pictures later today.

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