A late night update...yes, 9:50pm is a late night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009
I apologize for the lack of blogging. You will notice I haven't blogged since the first day Henry started daycare. Some nights coming home he is super happy and smiley, and other nights he is just cranky and tired as can be. Either way, we don't get a lot of time with him each night, and then once he goes to bed, we (meaning mostly me as Ryan sleeps on the couch) start the nightly routine of washing his bottles, filling the new ones up, washing the pump bottles, working on photos, and pumping one last time before we go to bed. Somewhere in there I try to pick up around the house and do dishes, but by the looks of our downstairs right now, that hasn't been at the top of my list.

Work is still busy, and pumping at work is still going ok. My supply has begun to decrease a bit, which is stressing me out (and then subsequently probably causing my supply to decrease even more). When I first started back at work, I was getting about 13 oz a day. This was perfect, as Henry is eating 12 oz a day while away from me (3-- 4 oz bottles). I'm now down to only getting 9-10 oz a day, so not even enough to fill up all three bottles. I have to pump at night, or if I don't do that, I have to pump in the morning to even have enough for the next day.

What's nice is that somewhere along the way I got "ahead" and always make sure that Henry has 4 bottles at Wendy's. He hasn't, and likely won't need 4 bottles, but I like to have it there just in case. So each day I replenish 3 bottles so he always has a total of 4. So, am I really falling behind? No. But once I need to increase the amount in his bottles, I don't know if my body will keep up.

Henry has learned some new things this week--some we like, and one we definitely don't!

He can now lift his butt and legs way up and then roll to his side. Lately he seems to prefer being on his side.

He has been reaching for his feet for a while, but today he finally grabbed one foot in each hand and had a really good grip on his little toes while I was changing his diaper. It was really cute, and of course I captured some photos though I'm too tired to post them right now.

He's also been cooing and laughing a bit more and has learned some new noise that sounds like whining, but he has somewhat of a smile on his face, so we haven't quite decided what that noise means yet. 

And, after sucking on his fists and fingers like crazy for the last 2 or so week, one of his thumbs finally found its way into his mouth. He seems to enjoy this thumb sucking...mommy however, does not.

Daycare is still going well. Henry is just a happy baby there and all his little friends love "baby Henry".

While visiting Winona this past weekend, Henry decided to switch up his sleeping through the night ways and woke up at 1:30am, 3:15am, and 4:00am on Saturday night. I had attributed this to him not being able to sleep in the pack and play, but this behavior continued until last night. He was super tired yesterday and basically slept from 6pm to 5am when we woke him up. Let's hope we are now back on track with our preferred family sleeping arrangement: sleeping through the night.

I'm very excited for the weekend. We don't really have any Halloween plans, it's just excitement over the weekend...and a possible extra hour of sleep on Sunday due to daylight savings time.

In other news, I take photos. It's keeping me very busy, and once Henry goes to bed and I get his stuff ready, I pretty much just work on photos till the wee hours (by wee hours I mean 11:00pm....that's late!) You can check out my website and facebook fan page if you'd like!

Jenna Sefkow Photography

Henry also turned 3 months yesterday, but he wasn't having any photos taken yesterday. For some reason he's been cranky on every one of his month birthdays. I'm going to give it another try this weekend. Look for new photos then.

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