Fenugreek, you disappoint me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
So after downing a bottle of Fenugreek in a week and a half, there has been no luck on the milk production front. All the stories I read online said it would increase milk production immensely for most people, so apparently, I'm not most people. I'm giving another bottle a try, but after that, I'm calling it quits with the fenugreek. Smelling like maple syrup is really not my style (see a previous post).

We had to start taking from our freezer stash a few days last week, and likely will tomorrow too. At least it's a four day weekend to kind of catch up. My original goal for breastfeeding was to make it to 6 months. Recently, I revised my goal to make it to 4 months (which is Saturday--and we will obviously make that). Next goal? 4 months and 1 week. We're just going to take it week by week. At some point we will need to begin supplementing with formula, and I'm ok with that. I was a formula baby and I didn't turn out half bad, now did I?

I've also decided to stop googling everything about milk production. Reading the stories of those who have an over supply and gigantic freezer stashes makes me sick...definitely not something that's going to make me feel better. Every night when it's time to make bottles, I now dread it a bit, as I don't look forward to finding out how "short" I am. "Sigh".

It's kind of like pouring a bowl of cereal...only you open the fridge and realize that there isn't any milk there.

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