4 Month Check Up Recap

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Oh where do I begin. As I type this, Henry is receiving his first bottle of formula. I will summarize what happened at our appointment.

-Henry's weight at 2 months: 12 lbs, 12 oz. His current weight: 13 lbs, 4 oz. Hardly a gain at all. He didn't even gain a pound. This, to start the appointment, had me in tears.

-You all know about my issues of not producing enough milk to fill his bottles each day. What's weird is that he generally doesn't act hungry when I nurse him at home. The pediatrician said that some women produce "whole milk" and some produce "skim milk" and I was likely a skim milk producer, and clearly not producing enough. So even though Henry appears to look healthy, he's not getting enough. This is also the likely reason he no longer sleeps through the night. My body = a big fat fail and it makes me sad.

-We will begin supplementing with formula from now on. We can kind of play it by ear each day and give as many breast milk bottles that we can, and use formula for the rest. Or, we can send formula to daycare and use the breastmilk for making cereal and freezing. The doctor recommended that we try it at home with dad first to make sure he takes it which is what Ryan did tonight...while I sat quietly crying in a chair clutching one of Henry's blankets.

-The doctor also recommended we *gasp* start on solids. Most recommend this anywhere from 4-6 months but there are many in the "mommy world" that refuse to start before 6 months. Tomorrow we will start with rice cereal (look for a video of that tomorrow). In 2 weeks we will start on sweet potatoes and move through the vegetables one at a time and then move to fruit.

-His height was first measured at 23.5 inches--which is only .5 inches more than what he was at 2 months. They later rechecked it and he was at 24.5. The first nurse apparently didn't know what she was doing.

-His heart murmur has not gone away, and as a precaution, we have to go to the hospital and have an echocardiogram done on Monday morning to see exactly what type of murmur it is.

-He got 2 shots today and only screamed at the initial prick of the needle.

-The pediatrician said he has great trunk control and strong legs and will probably be an early stander.

-Conclusion? Mommy is very stressed out right now.


kfiland30 said...

You should be happy that you got to breastfeed him for the first 4 months. Some mothers give up very easily. You can only do what your body will allow you to do. Henry will do just fine on formula and cereal. You are a great mom, and are doing a terrific job.. So keep up the good work, and quit being so hard on yourself.

Beth said...

Jenna, you did not fail! Society failed you in that you had to go back to work full time, so you couldn't be home, bonding with Henry, enjoying holding him. I also produced "skim milk." The main difference is that I was lucky enough to be able to stay home and nurse the babies whenever they wanted, for as long they wanted. I got sick with the third baby and lost my milk totally, so she was a bottle baby. Earl Sefkow (Ryan's grandfather) even asked me if the baby (Diana) was getting enough milk! I thought that a bit rude... Your Mom is right, be happy AND PROUD that you are breastfeeding Henry, and you are a GOOD MOM! This is just a bump in the highway of life. Send the formula to daycare, nurse at home. Henry will love the Mommy and me time!
Aunt Beth

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