5 Months and so many expressions!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Henry turned 5 months on Monday! Here are his current stats:

Weight: Likely around 15 pounds.
Height: Unknown--he was 24.5 at 4 months.
-He can sit up for quite a long time without falling down.
-He's just starting to bring himself down using his arms and hands instead of falling over to the ground.
-He gobbles up any vegetable and the cereal. He's also started fruits the other morning. Bananas are yummy!
-He loves his exersaucer--he'd play there for hours if we let him.
-He enjoys pushing himself up and jumping when your holding him.
-Still smiles and laughs all the time.
-Due to the formula and solid foods--he has new poop. Instead of taking 2-3 wipes, it takes about 5-6 usually.
-He has now discovered both ears and will play with them.
-Has finally discovered his hands/fingers and will put them out in front of his eyes and just stare at them as he moves them around.
-Continues to put every thing he can get his hands on in his mouth.

Henry had two Christmas celebrations. One with daddy's family and one with mommy's family. We are going to have to convert part of our basement into his play room. He received all kinds of great gifts including:

-A Fisher Price grand piano
-A fisher price giant kitchen toy
-Handmade blocks
-Shape sorter
-Riding tonka truck
-musical mirror toy
-lots of books
-lots of cute preppy clothes
-ring sorter
-a turtle on wheels and plush Mickey Mouse (all the way from Disney World
-a soft book, cowboy hat (and daddy's old stuffed bunny)

I don't have anything in front of me, so I'm sorry if I'm forgetting some things. Henry says thank you again to everybody!!

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