Henry's first bite of cereal!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
We thought we had video of this, but our little point and shoot camera ran out of memory in the middle of it and we didn't realize it. We did get it on our regular camera, but that's not a video I can post. Daddy took enough photos however, that we have a play by play in photos.

 This chair is awesome guys! Thanks Uncle Josh!

This is so exciting! New food! I'm happy!

 This is what I'm getting? It looks good!
 Gimme some now!

 The first bite! Not too sure about it all. Sort of a "What is this?!" face.

  Just let me do it mommy! I can do it all by myself!

Haha. I'm a mess.

Not sure I like the taste of this stuff.

And I'm done!

All in all he actually swallowed two little spoonfuls. Not too messy, and we definitely will make a bit less next time. Not too shabby for the first try I guess.

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kfiland30 said...

Love it..

Gamma and Bumppa

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