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Friday, December 11, 2009

Henry has all of a sudden gained some really good balance when sitting up. For a while, he would immediately fall right over and had absolutely no control. Yesterday, I really started sitting him up more and gave him less and less physical input from me. I started by stabilizing his torso, and then slowly let up on the amount of pressure I was holding him with, and eventually was just holding my hands out ready to catch him. The photo on the top in the stripes was yesterday--practicing his tripod sit. Today's photo is on the bottom! So much progress in just a day! He seems to really like siting up too. So much more to see!

I left Henry on the floor today while I was preparing his bottle. I left him facing the opposite way that he is in the photos below, on his back. When I came back no more than 2 minutes later, he was not only on his tummy, but facing the other way, and a good foot closer to our couch than he had been with a big old "Hey look at me, momma!" smile on his face. Our little man is starting to move and groove!


Cereal is going great. We've been making it a little thicker and he seems to love it. He also doesn't mind eating it cold. We're going to give sweet potatoes a try tomorrow. I'm sure there will be photos!

Other things Henry is doing:

-rolling over tummy to back and back to tummy all the time
-smiling at everything! every time we look at him he smiles!
-laughing--he likes to be tickled!
-occupying himself and staying content in his exersaucer. he loves bouncing around in that thing (i'm not sure why the doctor seemed to think this was much different than the jumperoo...he's still jumping)
-taking better naps for mommy and daddy. we've really picked up on his tired cues and once we put him in his swing when we know he's tired, he's out like a light in a matter of 2 minutes.
-falling asleep for the night without nursing
-slept through the night three nights in a row (that has since stopped...we aren't quite back in that pattern yet...i hope we are close though!)
-putting EVERY THING in his mouth. anything in his reach will go in!
-prefers sleeping on his side

He continues to amaze us every day. Every time I see him smile, it's like he's smiling for the first time.

There honestly is nothing greater in this world.

And, a few more fun pictures of Henry with his puppies. He loves to pet them when they are close. Daddy likes to pretend they are horsies.

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