As promised, the 6 month photos---a photo explosion!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Also, I'll be updating on his doctor appointment later. For now, enjoy the photos. Pretty awesome for a little guy that was poked with a needle FIVE times today.

Alright. Back for the edit. As I said, they put a needle in my baby FIVE times today. After the first initial prick he shrieked, and then essentially lost his breath because he had his bright red cry face with his mouth wide open with no sound coming out until the last shot was given. He then let the nurse have it. I don't understand how pediatric nurses can do it.

He got the usual three boosters he's been getting as well as the regular flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot. I wasn't expecting that he would get the flu shots, so I was a little caught off guard, but the doctor strongly advised me to give him both. I don't believe in all the whooey-phooey of vaccines causing harm, but I have some uneasy-ness about the H1N1 because of the hastiness in which it came to the market. If something comes down out of this vaccine in years to come, I will seriously throw down. It better be safe.

Our chunky monkey is growing steadily and tipped the scales at just about 16 pounds today. That's only the 25th%tile, but the doctor seems to think he may be taking more after my genes when it comes to size right now. He was also just about 26 inches long (again 25th%tile), and again, likely taking after me for the moment it seems. I can't remember his head circumference, but that was at the 55%tile.

Henry can begin eating the "3rd Foods" Gerber food (has slightly more chunks in it), as well as the gerber puffs. She also said we could start cherrios, and soft/mashed/cut up stuff that we eat (such as pancakes, noodles, and yogurt). This sort of solid food terrifies me. I'm nervous that he may choke. We tried a few puffs tonight. He wasn't really into them, but had a few.

In other Henry news:

-he gets super excited when he sees mommy and daddy and flaps his arms all around while flashing a big smile.
-scoots himself around in a circle when on his tummy
-in the very beginning stages of lifting himself to his knees
-enjoys standing around some of his new toys
-sleeps through the night (we've been very good at this since coming home from christmas break)
-puts himself to sleep for the night and for naps
-learning how to use the sippy cup (though he can't quite figure out that he needs to suck on it)
-trying all kinds of new food (there hasn't been anything he's refused to eat--he loves it all!)
-jumping like crazy in his saucer, jumperoo thingy, and when he's standing in our laps
-getting more vocal--even imitating some crazy sounds
-in the process of getting his top two front teeth--should be breaking the skin any day now
-still loving the camera (did you see these pictures!?!)
-loves having books read to him (he once sat for an entire non-stop reading of the Lorax!)
-beginning to play the "I drop it and someone will pick it up for me so I can drop it again" game in the high chair
-sometimes after being super active when we're sitting down and holding him will just rest his head on our chests and snuggle (cutest thing in the world!)
-still making poop (did you read the post from earlier today!?!)
-still making boogers
-still melting our hearts every time he smiles.

we love him. enjoy the photos.

The polka dot blanket: second edition. Remember this? Vintage Henry. 

The Henry blocks also make a second appearance! Notice how he is so strategically showing us the "S" on his block that has multiple letters.

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