Belated Christmas Photos!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here are a variety of photos from both of our Christmas Celebrations! Henry even met Santa Claus!
I also finally got some time to sit down and research blogger a bit more and was able to get rid of the nuisance and useless right column and make my main column wider--allowing for giant pictures. Yay!

 Smooshy kisses!

Daddy and Henry hanging out in the man cave!

 Opening his first present! 

 Who are you!?!?

 Momma, I'm scared!!


Henry poses with Santa!

 Opening more presents with mommy and daddy!

 This is awesome guys! That's daddy's old stuffed bunny that had previously been kidnapped by his older brother.

 Awesome I need a rocking horse!

 I think I can do this better if I sit on top of the present!

 I love clothes! Why wouldn't I? Just look at my mommy!

 Henry and Grandma!

 Opening more presents! Looking a little wide eyed!

 Henry, momma, and Mickey!

Two, (hopefully, someday) three red heads....and Uncle Jake enjoying the piano more than Henry!

Attempt at a makeshift Filand Family photo.

 And finally, I just love this picture of Mocha and her favorite family member, Auntie Liz.


Anonymous said...

I thought bumppa was mocha's favorite..

Anonymous said...

I have a picture of you, Jenna, sitting on the chair with me, and your mickey mouse.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, I really love reading your stories and comments - and the pictures are absolutely priceless. Anyone who is reading this and hasn't yet looked at Jenna's writing under the "About Henry" and "About me" buttons should go read them right now!!!


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