Momma's Birthday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm ready to party! It's 6am!

My mommy is a quarter of a century old! (I think that's pretty young though!) The day started with daddy making her blueberry pancakes. I fell asleep in my high chair while she ate them. I went to daycare and mommy and daddy went to work. When we got home, daddy was busy making mommy a birthday cake in the shape of a hippo. He made her enchiladas for her birthday dinner. Daddy and I are taking her somewhere tomorrow (Saturday) but we haven't told her where yet. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you'll see pictures of me when I was hard at work making mommy a card at daycare. Happy Birthday to my mommy! I'm sure she'll update more later!

Too much partying already at 6:30am!

This is my present momma--a sleeping baby!

Ok, I'm awake! I don't want to miss the fun!

One of momma's new favorite photos!

I love mommy's necklace!

A new tradition! Daddy made mommy a hippo cake. We'll have to think of something clever for him in April!

Someone took a bite out of the hippo, and it wasn't me!

Big teeth!

Henry making momma a card at daycare!

Hard at work. It must be perfect for momma!


Tom said...

Cute .. cute .. cute... I've never seen a baby with such a sunny disposition and who smiles so much!!!


Anonymous said...

He's growing up so fast!

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