A new video!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So there are actually two videos meshed together. The first, I'm not sure what to call it--possibly "All done." Henry has been doing this thing with his hands in the last week when we are feeding him, and for the most part, we think it seems to mean "all done" or "no more". He holds one or two fingers with the opposite hand and raises it in front of his face. Maybe we're reading into it, but it seems pretty intentional to us!

The second part of the video isn't as exciting. We introduced Henry to the sippy cup over the weekend. He wasn't too interested...just a cute video for the grandparents to watch 100 times!

I promise more updates soon. It's bedtime!


Anonymous said...

pretty soon he will be going on the potty..

Anonymous said...

okay, so can we go over 100 times? or is that the limit?


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