"Don't freak out."

Monday, February 8, 2010
I took this photo today. He looks super happy as usual, right? 

Well, that happy baby is now taking this twice a day for the next ten days.

Ear infection? Yes, likely what started it. However, the real problem is that he has a ruptured ear drum

We had a typical morning (unless you consider Mocha and Hershey collectively snagging my freshly made sandwich 5 minutes before it was time to go typical). Henry appeared fine and happy as always, though he didn't eat much of his breakfast. 

It's a freaking blizzard up here today, so I was already annoyed that I had to drive 35 miles knowing we would likely get released early. 

At about 10:00 Wendy called me (with Henry screaming bloody murder in the background) to let me know he was having a crying fit and that she hadn't been able to calm him down for 30 minutes. I asked if I needed to come get him, but she said no. She was just worried that she couldn't get him to eat. I told her to call Ryan if she wasn't able to get him to take a bottle by 12:00.

Two minutes later we found out we were getting out of school early and a bunch of my kids were leaving early. Slight chaos begins, and Wendy calls me back about 20 minutes later. 

"Don't freak out" were the words that started the conversation. My mind immediately started to race. Did someone step on him?, Did he bonk his head?, Did somebody trip over him?, Did he fall or something? Then, I began to cry before she even told me what was wrong. 
She had just gotten him to fall asleep and after she got lunch going went to check on him and he had blood on his cheek. His right ear had started to bleed. Blood was coming OUT OF HIS EAR. My baby had blood coming out of his ear. She got a hold of Ryan and he picked him up and took him to the doctor. I immediately left school, and thanks to this awesome blizzard, I couldn't get back in time for the appointment. 

The doctor said that he likely had an unknown ear infection that caused his ear drum to rupture. The rupture is actually relief to the baby once it happens, apparently. He will be taking amoxicillin for the next ten days to help it heal. It's rare that there is permanent hearing loss damage, but that is what I'm absolutely terrified of right now. He had a few crying fits over the weekend, but we attributed it to his top two teeth that are coming in. I so wish we would have taken him in sooner. But then again, aside from his few crying fits, he always looks like he does in the top photo...always happy....even with a ruptured ear drum. 

He has to go back in two weeks (and go back for his booster flu shots anyway) to check on the healing process. When ruptured ear drums don't heal properly or if they get infected...that's where trouble with hearing loss can begin. Hearing loss also depends on the placement and severity of the "hole" or "tear" in the ear drum.

So let's hope our poor baby heals properly. We're all at home now snuggling in our comfy clothes watching the blizzard outside.

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Anonymous said...

Give Mr. Henry a bit kiss from Gamma and Bumppa, and tell him that we love him, and hopes he feels better real soon... Uncle Joshie knows what those nasty ear infections feel like very well...

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