Inspired by Target Field

Sunday, February 21, 2010
So I went and toured Target Field yesterday. OMG. AMAZING. If there is a baseball god, that is his new church. There are certain parts of that place where you would think you are in a high class, luxury hotel. not. even. kidding. Target Field got me super excited about baseball. Most know that saying I'm a huge fan is an understatement. When the Twins lost their final playoff game against the Oakland Athletics in '06, Ryan came home from class and found me laying on the floor with the homer hanky over my face. True story. There's just something about baseball that brings a certain nostalgia to it that you just don't get with other sports. And I only hope that I can raise Henry to be as big of a Twins fan as I am. I did a pretty good job converting Ryan (there were times he was more excited than me!) I am so excited we get to take Henry to this awesome place to watch games for years to come. All this excitement over baseball starting soon sprouted these photos. Enjoy! And in case you are wondering--the Mauer shirt is the one he wore in his 6 day old photo shoot (size 3 months) the Morneau is a 6/9 month that currently fits him, and the Cuddyer is a 12 month that will likely fit him when we go to our first game!

Edit: I will now be adding my watermark to my photos. A mommy photography message board I frequent highly suggests doing so on blogs just in case some body thinks it's a good idea to swipe your photos. It's a work in progress and you'll probably see it change many times.


Anonymous said...

Now you got your dad all excited for the season..

Anonymous said...

Puts a smile on my face every time I look at this blog. --better than chocolate!!

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