7 Month Update!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Where to begin!?! He is still army crawling. We've seen him take a few "steps" forward while staying on his knees, but for now he's content on pulling himself around...and for us, he moves fast enough that way already! I can't imagine how much he'll be cruising around once he gets the hang of it. He really likes trying to get at the dog bowls, the dog toys, the edge of the carpet, and the stand of the swing...weird. He has a few toys that are supposed to "encourage" crawling but he's more interested in everything else.

He also pulled himself to standing for the first time on Thursday at daycare and then did it for us on Friday! I've included a photo and a video of him standing up. He's a pro already! He likes to crawl to me and then pull him self up. He even knows to put one of his hands in each of mine. This boy is going to be walking/running around before we know it!

He had his ears checked out again last Monday. The doctor said that it was still a bit red and inflamed so he's been on another antibiotic since then. He went and got his booster flu shots yesterday and they checked his ear out again and said it was looking pretty normal. Yay!! He also weighed 18 pounds last week. He's slowly inching closer to graduating out of that heavy infant car seat!

We tried real turkey tonight. The doctor suggested we go to the deli and have them slice it as thin as possible. He seemed to really like it. He doesn't have the pincer grasp down yet, so he hasn't fed himself one single piece of finger food yet. I've been (trying) to put food in his mouth so that he can experience it, and the turkey was the first thing he was actually opening his mouth for. All other finger foods he has pushed my hand away!

and just for some vintage photoshop fun:

And here's the video...there are a couple clips in it.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he's doing that already. I want him to stay a baby !!

Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Love the pix - maybe he's heard about eating "healthy" - sliced turkey sounds really healthy to me (hold the mayo!)....


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