Boy Next Door

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
In case you can't read what his shirt says, that's what it says (Boy Next Door)--and has Charlies Brown on it. With the 5 girls already around this neighborhood, I'm sure he's going to be breaking hearts someday. It was a beautiful 62 degrees when I came home, so we went outside and grilled. We tried putting Henry in the grass, but he wasn't a fan. Not in the least. He was literally scared. He screamed his scared cry and had his scared look on his face. It was sad. I tried to sit down with him, but he started screaming just by looking at the grass. We'll take baby steps, I guess. It was probably a little too much of a new thing. He was also a little hesitant about the deck, but warmed up quickly and was soon crawling everywhere. Thank goodness for such a beautiful afternoon!

I love how I caught the sun in this photo!

Henry got some new little $4.00 shoes at Old Navy.

1 comment:

kfiland30 said...

Henry looks so different with his two front teeth..

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