Henry's first play date! (and the 200th post!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok. So it wasn't so much of a play date as it was our neighbor's daughter being way too distracted by Henry for her 1 year photo shoot. Henry was also very interested in her and just couldn't be kept in one spot without getting mad that he couldn't go check her out. They were too cute together. Also, as you saw above, this post marks the 200th post of this blog. Yay me! Here are some other photos from the photo shoot turned "play date".

When they were playing with the piano together, Henry was trying to remove her hands from the toy (and made lots of noise while doing it). I'm not sure if he was just trying to touch her, or if he was actually wanting her to get away from HIS toy. Geesh! This sharing stuff takes many years to develop! I work on these skills with my preschoolers!

These last two photos are just too adorable. 

1 comment:

kfiland30 said...

I love these photos !! Henry you are too young to be looking at girls.. says Grandma F.

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