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Saturday, March 20, 2010

No post is complete without a picture, right?

So I've been usually great about getting photos up here, but I haven't been updating much on the text side of things lately, so here we go (I can only do this right now because the rest of the house is still sleeping!)

Henry had a really fussy night Thursday night, so we took him to the doctor yesterday to see if he had another ear infection. Super great news---both ears looked great! However, he has begun this every-so-often pattern of waking up in the middle of the night again screaming...and then screaming again when you try to put him down. The doctor suggested starting "cry it out" or we will quickly lose his beautiful sleeping pattern of usually sleeping through the night. I know it's a good idea, but man, is it hard. I tried it last night where I was just standing in his doorway listening to him cry for about 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and then rocked him to sleep. He did sleep through the night last night, so hopefully (crosses fingers) we won't have to do this too much.

I put up a video and facebook status the other week--but as an official update, he began crawling on all fours on March 9th. This child can no longer be contained in one spot unless he's in his jumper. He is on the move ALL. THE. TIME. It's adorable to see his little butt wiggle. He continues to enjoy chasing the dog toys, bowls, and rawhides.  Here are some of the other things he has learned how to do in basically the last week and a half.

-continues to enjoy standing up. we've even seen a few steps of cruising (walking along the furniture) when there is something much desired on the other end of the couch (I'd like to say that desired object is me..but it's usually the remote.)

-has figured out how to bring himself down with his arms from the standing position without falling over and smacking his head on something...(except when he sees something he really wants, lets go with both hands, and then goes crashing down.) we also take a lot of spills right on our bottom. that diaper provides a nice embedded cushion for the tush.

-just learned he could stand up in his crib last night. this will likely begin causing additional sleeplessness for me as I'm afraid he's going to start smacking his head even more than he already does in there.

-picks up (and eats) cherrios and gerber puffs like a pro.

-has mastered the sippy cup for the most part. we still mostly enjoy playing with it, but have figured out how to drink out of it. he very much enjoys water with a hint of apple juice.

-has SEVEN teeth. yes, you read that right, SEVEN teeth. we know a 15 month old in the neighborhood who has two. TWO.

-has learned how to clap. he will all of a sudden start clapping and smiling. love it.

-weighed 18.8 pounds at the doctor yesterday, so still growing, but probably still in the low percentiles.

-tried his first swing last weekend and loved it. daddy says he's going to build him a swingset structure. that will be exciting.

-even though he's small, he continues to eat well. over the course of the day he scarfs down 4 or 5 8 oz bottles, 1 package of fruit with cereal, 2 packages of vegetables (1 with cereal), and snacks like the puffs or cherrios. i guess he's just going to be little like me!

-his vocalizations are also beginning to change. he's really started babbling lately and it's beginning to sound more like "talking". it's awesome. i've read in some of my books that the "dada" and "mama" could be making an appearance soon...though i think it'll be a while longer before it's "dada" and "mama" with specific intent.

This child turns 8 months next weekend. I simply can't believe it. Before too long I'll be sending out birthday invitations. It is ridiculously cliche to say that "it goes too fast"...but it really, really does.


Anonymous said...

Seven teeth ?

Amanda Kelley said...

I couldn't agree more...time does go way to fast!

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