9 months...3/4 of one year!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
More photos, as promised! I'd like to thank the little red ball for making these photos at all possible.

Baby feet and baby butt!!

You expect me to stick around for this? I don't think so...I'm out. 

I apparently really liked the shorts tonight. 

So...what is this boy doing these days?

For starters, he moves....everywhere. all. the. time. He crawls, he climbs, he jumps, he pulls to stand, he cruises, walks with his Tonka truck, leaps into our arms when standing, etc. etc. etc. This child is happiest when he is free to move. He can also crawl up the stairs with a well-trained spotter behind him. 

He has his 9 month well baby check tomorrow morning, so I'll update those stats tomorrow. I'm thinking he's about 19, MAYBE 20 pounds. We will see. Check out the baby chunk on his legs in the last two photos. TOO adorable. 

He says dada, ada (which sometimes sounds like "all done"), and lots of other gibberish babbling. We are working on "mama", "Joe Mauer", and "Go Twins!" :)

He HATES diaper changing time. Hates it. Sometimes it is a two-person job.

Food eating is still a little stressful for me. He'll eat anything he can pick up: Cherrios, yogurt bites, gerber puffs, banana, meat, bread, corn, green beans, etc.) He is still not much into Gerber veggies. Although, as long as you literally pretend to put the spoon in the fruit container (when it already has a gigantic spoonful of veggies on it) he'll open his mouth wide. Since all Gerber food comes in the same container, it amazes me that he knows the difference. I'll post a video sometime. It's the only way we can get him to eat veggies...and it seems it's only the orange ones he'll eat these days. I know he's on his way to "outgrowing" the Gerber stuff; it's just difficult to know if he's getting enough. On the formula front, we are eating 4 or 5 9 ounce bottles each day.

He LOVES bananas. Ate a whole banana once at daycare, and this morning, whined until I gave him some of mine that I was eating.

He loves his Joe Mauer, as I discussed in a previous post. 

He gives kisses. I got two kisses on the lips today. Before, his kisses were more like sucking/trying to bite your cheek. He actually does it when you ask him to. And I'll admit, he seems to prefer kissing daddy for some reason. Must be the scruffy-ness daddy usually has. 

He plays peek-a-boo, claps his hands, and kind of/sort of does the sign for "more". We're also working on "all done" and "milk". I can tell he's at least learning an association, as he gets really excited when you sign "milk" and "more". 

He gives up dog toys when you ask him to (also another video I have). He still likes to grab the dog toys. When he gets one, we say "ahh-cky" (a somehow transformed version of "yucky"). Ryan then asked Henry to give it to him and Henry raised it up and let go (the let go part is key to the intentionality--Henry doesn't let go of much these days otherwise). We have it on video multiple times. It's too cute.

Hershey has learned to run away from Henry. Hershey loves his rawhides...and so does Henry. Any time Hershey is chewing on one and Henry takes a step towards him, Hershey gets up and goes to a different part of the room. 

He's finally grown accustomed to his new bathtub. He has a good ol' time in there, splashing away. 

Sleeping has been fabulous. I can't even remember when he last woke up in the middle of the night.

He wears 9-12 month jammies and shirts, and 6-9 month pants/shorts. 12 month bottoms are still a bit too long on his short little legs. Although, there are plenty of tiny 6 month Carter onesies that still fit him.

I've already started thinking about his birthday party. Ideas for themes are being accepted now :)

9 Month Sneak Peek!

We didn't get many, but we did get a few good ones. Two to hold you over.

Stand up and shout!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
The Twins used to play that song when Joe Nathan was coming out for a save. Joe Nathan is out, and I haven't paid attention to what they are playing for Jon Rauch (who just saved the game, by the way). Anyway, it's the first thing that popped into my head, so that's the title of this post.

We went outside to snap some photos. Henry has no problems at all with the grass. I got him standing up quite a bit. He also was talking quite a bit...but let me tell you--when you only have two hands, it's hard to have one arm ready to catch him, one hand on the camera, and another hand on the video camera. I'm not superwoman! I opted for the photos of him standing and got a short video of him "talking", but not much. He always seems to stop after I push record.

Anyway, on to the photos. I changed my watermark. It makes it more manageable for me to put it on a lot of photos quickly, so this is what it will be for a while (until I get sick of it again.) Blogger also changed their image upload process, and I can't figure out how to move my photos around like I could before, so you'll have to scroll!

Oh, and Henry turns 9 months tomorrow. I'm hoping for some more good photos!

Grandma bought Henry a Twins bat! Right now, we just like to eat it. 

A little out of focus, but an awesome photo. 

Let me get my hat!

 Standing up!!

Attempting to eat the grass!

He had taken the hat off (of course!), and in these two photos, he's actually trying to figure out how to put it back on! Too precious this boy is.

Henry may have found his lovie...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unfortunately for us, it is a fairly limited edition (only 5,000 on this planet) Joe Mauer Dugout Doll, a circa 2008 Metrodome giveaway.

Henry is in love with his Joe Mauer. He became quite attached this weekend...there were times that he didn't even want anyone to touch him! I promise a video of how excited he gets when he sees Joe Mauer within the next couple days, if I can capture it. An ebay search provided no results. Hopefully some of my friends at Target Field still have one lying around and may be willing to give me an extra. If he seriously gets attached to this thing in the coming year or so, even the real Joe Mauer couldn't make him feel better if it was lost, tattered beyond the point of wanting him to be in public with it, or worse yet, eaten by the pups.

Putting a plea to my Twins friends on facebook right now...

A week without a post? I apologize.

Saturday, April 24, 2010
That's what happens when the author works 3 jobs (4, if you include being a mom as a job...which I sure do...and somedays, being a wife can be quite a job, so maybe I currently have 5 jobs).

Regardless, I've been busy, to say the least.

Yesterday was the first day that it WASN'T sunny, so we went out and got a few photos. Henry is good friends with the grass these days.

Ryan's Birthday and Target Field Opening Day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I thank the Minnesota Twins for giving away a Joe Mauer doll a few years ago. Man does it come in handy now. :) Joe Mauer does the splits.

Joe Mauer stand up!

Joe Mauer, I eat your foot!

Daddy got a new hat for his birthday! How cute are these two?!

Inaugural Season baby!!

Auntie Liz found a garden gnome!

Daddy blows out a lot of candles!

It looks simple, but this was a 5 hour creation from start to finish. Fondant was not my friend at 1:30am. 

Old man...

I have identical photos like this of me around this same age. I just need to find them. This is Henry's new trick...crawling to the piano, standing up, and playing some tunes!

I love these boys!

Joe Mauer makes it into the post one last time. He and Henry resting up before the big game yesterday.
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