Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010
In honor of Easter, we went to a local park for a short little Easter photo shoot. It was 100% sunny, so they didn't turn out the best, but here are some of my favorites. Oh, and clearly I didn't take the photos that I am in, but I'll take credit for Ryan's work..simply because I'm too lazy to make a separate watermark for him. But, if he protests after reading this, I'll gladly make him a watermark (love you Ryan!)

So what's new with Henry these days? Well, he's just over 8 months old. Crazy huh? It's crazy to us too. We look at him now and he's looking more and more like a little boy instead of a baby boy. He doesn't go back to the doctor until 9 months, so I really have no idea how much he weighs. Hopefully around 19-20 pounds, but we'll see in a few weeks. We are currently researching the "big kid" car seats, so hopefully he'll be graduating to that fairly soon. His feet are hanging out of his infant seat, and he's just downright heavy in it.

He enjoys sitting in the cart at stores like a big boy now too. See photo. We were waiting for daddy to pick out dirt at home depot. Henry and I entertained ourselves with the camera.

Now that it's nicer around these parts and we can actually go outside, we have ventured into our first experiences of applying sunscreen. Seeing how much Henry definitely dislikes getting his face wiped after meal times, you can imagine how much he enjoyed me attempting to apply sunscreen to his every nook and cranny on his head, face, neck, etc. Hopefully that will get better with more exposure.

Speaking of more exposure, he's getting a little better about being outside in the grass. Here he was yesterday, happy as can be....but freaked out the second his hands touched the grass when he started crawling off the blanket.

And here is today. He braved the grass without a blanket today. He refused to crawl around on the grass much though. He'd put his hands down, and then immediately bring them up with a look of utter disgust on his face.

In other Henry news, he's been on a vegetable strike for a while now. He pretty much has to be tricked into eating them by getting a spoonful of fruit, followed by 1-2 spoonfuls of vegetables...and so on and so forth. I can't even remember the last time we got him to finish an entire container. He has also perfected his gerber puff grasp and tries to eat 4-5 at one time. (We have learned to only give him 1-2 at a time.) He has also recently tried chicken, pancakes, roast beef, gerber crackers, ham, turkey, yogurt, and yogurt bites. On the menu to try this week: real green beans, peas, avocado, cheese and what ever other vegetable we might have this week.

He continues to cruise around on the furniture, and has even stood on his own for a few seconds! My bets are on he's walking by 10 months...we'll see though. He stood up in his crib for the first time last week I think, and that's probably his favorite thing to do in there now.

He can crawl FAST. The cutest thing in the world is probably when he realizes you are watching him crawl, he looks at you, smiles then giggles while he puts it into to turbo drive and crawls away like a cheetah baby.

Everything still goes into the mouth...and usually his favorites are those things that shouldn't be in his mouth (remote control, dog chews, dog toys, fuzz on the floor, etc.) It's nearly impossible to totally baby proof this house. Every day it seems like he finds a new thing he shouldn't have. Yesterday he figured out how to lift up the vent on the floor. This is just begging for finger pinches.

Sleeping has gotten much better. Yesterday he woke up crying, but only cried for about 2 minutes and put himself right back to sleep. He's been extra clingy since we returned, with obvious good reason since we were gone for 4 days. Hopefully daycare tomorrow won't be too traumatic for him. We could hardly put him down this weekend without him fussing like crazy. Trying to get him to nap today was difficult...to say the least. Hopefully a week of daycare will help him get back into a routine.

What else? He's making new vocalizations. He has a new squeal and some other new sounds. Nothing recognizable like mama or dada yet, but he has time. He's right around the average age for it, so I'm not worried about it yet. We have a hilarious video from Friday night that I'll post later.

I think that is all for now. If I forgot anything, I'll blog about it later I suppose.

Oh yeah. This child has eight teeth. EIGHT. It's simply unheard of. 


Amanda Kelley said...

How he is every changing!!! Love the updates and pictures... Mr. Henry needs to see Mr. Harrison again soon!

And eight teeth---holy cow! We are all gums here!

kfiland30 said...

Happy Easter!!

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