Ryan's Birthday and Target Field Opening Day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I thank the Minnesota Twins for giving away a Joe Mauer doll a few years ago. Man does it come in handy now. :) Joe Mauer does the splits.

Joe Mauer stand up!

Joe Mauer, I eat your foot!

Daddy got a new hat for his birthday! How cute are these two?!

Inaugural Season baby!!

Auntie Liz found a garden gnome!

Daddy blows out a lot of candles!

It looks simple, but this was a 5 hour creation from start to finish. Fondant was not my friend at 1:30am. 

Old man...

I have identical photos like this of me around this same age. I just need to find them. This is Henry's new trick...crawling to the piano, standing up, and playing some tunes!

I love these boys!

Joe Mauer makes it into the post one last time. He and Henry resting up before the big game yesterday.


kfiland30 said...

Gramma loves the photoes..and the doll.

actually Jenna that picture is in the senior year book, and should be in one of the books I made you.

Amanda Kelley said...

I love the Twins Gear!!!! I am waiting for Harrison to grow into his!

Great pictures of your boys! :)

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