Viva Las Vegas!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here is the view of the Strip from the Stratosphere--180 floors up! For those who don't know, we went on a little mini vacation for 4.5 days to fabulous Las Vegas. It was kind of an early birthday present for Ryan. Even though Henry was in good hands with his grandma, great grandma, and Uncle Josh, I was still super anxious, nervous and scared to leave him for that long. It was obviously a long and hard goodbye, and I held back tears all the way to the airport. They didn't fall until the plane actually left the ground, as it was at that point (well, technically well beyond that point) that I was leaving the state without my baby. We saw a few shows, gambled a little, walked A LOT (let's hope I lost a pound or two), and ate some great food. It was all in all a great trip and a nice short break from reality. Grandma did a good job of keeping us posted with photos and videos on my phone and we missed him like crazy! We got home Friday morning around 6am right when Henry was waking up. It was crazy how different he looked to me after not seeing him for 4 days. It was the best hug ever! It was great to get away, but he will definitely be coming with us next time. Here are a few quick things I learned while in Vegas:

1. Terrible parents are all over the place. I could NOT believe the LARGE number of SMALL babies that were out wandering the smokey casinos, busy street night life and cold nights. We were watching the free Treasure Island Show (loud noises, fireworks, fire, etc.) at nearly 11pm at night. 11pm!! Behind us stood a teenage mother with her family and a no more than 2-3 week old infant strapped in a baby bjorn.

2. I've taken the smoke free restaurant and bar Minnesota law for granted. I had kind of forgot that that isn't true around the states and was surprised for a second to see the smoke filled casinos. I think it'll take at least a week's worth of showering to get the smell of smoke off of me.

3. You only eat twice a day. When most of the cheaper food options are buffets, you don't need three meals a day. One day we had a late breakfast and were basically not hungry for the rest of the day.

4. Lots of stuff is "free". Ryan got us suckered into a timeshare presentation where we were promised 6 free show tickets, 2 free buffet meals and 3 days 2 nights at a hotel. One of the shows was totally free and not too shabby. The buffet was not so great, and one of the other "free" shows we ended up going to required you to buy 2 drinks each (which came to $20.00 each) and then they tacked on extra "fees" so we actually paid well over $40.00 to go to that "free" show. But, it was a comedy club and was actually laugh your pants off funny so we were happy we went.

5. The shopping sucked. There were two types of shopping: crappy low end trinket shops, and the rest were high end shops. As much as I would love the Prada purse, Michael Kors dress, and Jimmy Choo shoes, this teacher salary won't cut it, so the shopping was basically non-existent. Which, in the end, I guess is ok, as we spent money every where else any way.

That's all I have for now. Henry update momentarily.

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kfiland30 said...

Grandma, Josh and double G very much enjoyed the time they spent with Henry... Cannot wait to see him again..

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