10 Months!

Saturday, May 29, 2010
10 months...just 2 months shy of 1 year! It will seriously creep up on me. I really need to start planning out the details of this boy's party. For those wondering, the theme will be "Twins/baseball". So far I have found the invites I'll be ordering, but that's about it. I've also been busy planning out MANY different ideas for his 1 year photos (one of which will include a cake smash)...can't wait!

Onto the current month. 10 months. What can this boy do as of late that I haven't disclosed yet?

First off, he finally says "mama"! However, he only says it during times of distress. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that. He doesn't imitate it yet like he does "dada". Other "things" he says include dee-dee, a-dee, a-da, ga, gaga, baba, mmmm, nana, and lots of shrieks/vowel sounds. It is the cutest thing to listen to him "talk".

He takes as many as 10-12 steps when prompted (meaning we stand him up and back up asking him to walk toward us). He practically runs across the furniture and has just started letting go of the couch to walk to something else. There will be no stopping this boy soon.

He feeds me. It is probably one of the most amazing things yet. When I'm feeding him table food (and today when I gave him a cup of water) he will pick something up and gesture it towards me. I will then open my mouth, he'll place said food item (or sippy cup) into my mouth, and lots of giggling (from both him and I) ensues. Yes, we share. He's my son. He seems like such a little person when he does this, it is just too cute. He will also offer me something if I say "Can momma have some?".

Speaking of myself, he has become quite the momma's boy. Depending on his mood, he will chase me around the house whining until I pick him up. He loves his momma.

He LOVES yogurt. Whenever Ryan or I grab a container of yogurt to eat, Henry knows exactly what it is and will make himself heard until you share. Other food that he enjoys: raspberries, bananas, bread, cheese, strawberries, gerber biscuits, turkey and ham. Spoon feeding doesn't always go so well, but tonight he downed an entire large 3rd foods jar of banana/strawberry (vegetables aren't going too well either--but we're trying).

He just graduated to size 4 diapers today! It took about 4 poopy blowouts at daycare (plus two additional DISGUSTING blowouts at home in his highchair) before we realized we should move to the next size. The other night we had to stand him up in the bathtub and let the faucet run on him from his waist down. There was no other way. Two times this week I had to clean piles of poop out of the high chair. And in case you need more details, his poop has been changing lately and hasn't been solid. Thankfully today, after going to size 4, we had two perfectly contained poopy diapers.

He loves his puppies. And for some reason, he is determined to get himself a bite of puppy food. Every time he hears the sound of the puppy food hitting their bowls, he comes racing in to try to get some. He hasn't gotten any yet!

He also plays fetch with his puppies. Mocha dropped the ball for him yesterday and then he picked it up and "tossed" it. After that, Mocha went and got it, went up to him, but didn't let go of the ball and walked away. Henry started to cry.

He also plays fetch with himself. He throws his little red ball around the room and chases it.

He pushes anything he can push around the house (laundry basket, laundry detergent, milk jugs, high chair, etc.)

He has a toy cell phone that he holds up to his ear. It's too funny. I'll try to get a photo of that. He also starts to giggle when we talk on our own cell phones.

If you put him in his pack and play with any toys, he will pick them up, one at a time and throw them out of the pack and play. He also does this in the pool. Dropping things is very interesting :).

He intentionally drops food out of his high chair to feed the puppies. Hershey seems to have caught on to this quite quickly.

When Ryan picks him up from daycare, he comes crawling super fast, giggling the whole way.

He finds a way to get into something new that he shouldn't every day. Cupboard locks were installed today!

The silliest things will make him giggle like crazy. Last night there were two pillows on the floor. He laid his head down on one, started giggling, crawled to the other pillow, did the same thing, and went back and forth for like 5 minutes straight. For some reason, we didn't get this on video!

He bends down to pick something up without plopping down on his butt. (See one of the photos below.)

That's a lot! I'm sure you're wanting some photos now!

I can run away from photo shoots...and pick things up without falling on my bum!

I'm too cute!

I haven't turned a photo of Henry in black and white for a LONG time. These are black and white because the flash didn't fire and it was the only way to save these two adorable pictures.

He doesn't look like such a shorty in the photo on the right!

Me? Mr. Adorable? Why yes, yes I am.

I'm pretty good at sticking out my tongue.

Sunglasses are for eating momma, aren't they? Don't mind the black line on the right. I caught the edge of the background in the photo, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now. 

Mommy and daddy had to bring in the big guns to keep this photo shoot going!

Beep beep!!

Saving the best for last. Too cool for words.

The official "month-day" photo sessions get shorter and shorter with every month that passes. I think I did like 4 outfit changes and two background changes for six months. Today I managed two outfits, but only one background.  (And for 8 & 9 months, I think I only did one outfit). I have plenty of tricks and props up my sleeve for the 1 year shoot(s). I just have to get through the 11 month ones first!

And Grandpa Tom, if you are reading this, I hope this puts a smile on your face.  :) Henry sends you a big hug! Feel better soon! 


But momma, I was going to make you spaghetti for breakfast!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Umm...should I not be playing with this?"

Caught red handed looking like he's getting ready to make spaghetti. Mommy and daddy will be installing the cupboard safety thingys this weekend. The pullout drawer was even more entertaining.


Henry's First Swim!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I bought Henry a little blow up pool considering today's heat. That meant we finally had a reason to pull out his adorable swim trunks, rash guard and swim hat. I sat him in the pool in the house sans water for a while so he'd get used to the squishy bottom. He loved it! He played with his blocks and bucket and splashed around while I got these gems! There's some pink on the pool, but it was only $4.95 at Target!

This is awesome momma!

Looking a little hesitant!

How cute is he?!

Having a good time!

Love his face in the photo on the right. 

I think I can get out of here!

I'll try this hat out.

Oh o! My block!

Too cute.

Don't forget to check out the other new post below. 



That's Buffalo Wild Wings, for those who don't know. We went last night with Auntie Liz and her friend Kaylee. No wings for Henry, but he enjoyed the hat! It says "Wing Leader".

B'Dubs can wear a guy right out. 

A possible oxymoron? 


For Shanna...

Monday, May 24, 2010
One of my faithful readers with the babe. I know she'll appreciate this :) I wasn't there, but apparently he loved her! She is one of Auntie Liz's friends, by the way.


Here momma, I'll take care of the laundry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Henry just loves helping me with laundry: remember these cute photos from 3 months ago?. You'd think this photo was posed, but it wasn't. He was pushing the new bottle of laundry detergent around the house.

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