Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo circa 2005, my first year as an usher with the Minnesota Twins. Jake, me, and my dad.

Those changes I talked about? This is my current facebook status:

"It's official. After 5 years, I'm retiring from the game of baseball. I'm hanging up the blue polo and khaki pants to watch the games at home, snuggled up with my boys on the couch."

I put in my official notice last night.

It was all getting to be too much. It was a difficult decision to end the Twins job. I'll be honest. 5, going on 6 years is the second longest job I've held in my life. I'm going to miss the perks (the main one being that I was paid to go to games)  and the people, but this was something I had to do--first and foremost for my family, and secondly, for my own sanity and personal well being. I was sleep deprived when I tried to work weeknight games, and wanting nothing more than to be at home with Henry and Ryan. Working games when I have Henry at home who is at the beginning stages of walking and talking was just not going to work for me anymore. I need to be at home with my husband and baby boy as much as possible, and thus this decision has been made. Thankfully, if ever a reason or want to go back, i was invited to come back in 2 years, 2 months, or 2 weeks--it doesn't matter--they said they'd keep my spot warm :). I love the people I worked for. They were honestly the most flexible people I have EVER worked for. At the end of our conversation, my supervisor said, "If there's anything we can do for you, please just let us know. "

And, I did. More on that later. 

1 comment:

kfiland30 said...

such memories ! I know you are going to miss it!
I'm pretty sure this makes your dad a little sad.

But as a mother, you have to do what is best for yourself and your family !!


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