Henry made me cry.

Thursday, June 10, 2010
So this video has a little bit of walking and a little bit of kissing. However, I was unfortunately not able to get Henry to duplicate THE kiss. We had been in the high chair being silly and he was grabbing my hands and giggling up a storm. Out of no where, he put one hand on each side of my face, pulled me close to him and opened up his mouth to kiss me. This was AMAZING. No doubt, one of my top moments of being a mom. And, it made me cry. I was able to get this other kiss on command though, on video. So enjoy that--and watching how amazing he is at walking. He took probably 20 steps today for Wendy and me. Tomorrow is his last day of daycare for the summer. I went back and re-read some posts from when I first went back to work and he went to daycare. I left him to go back to work as a not-even 3 month old who was still nursing, perfecting his smile, cooing and looking for his toes. Now he's an over 10 month old who eats table food, can say mama, dada, nana (for banana), tell me "more", crawl, walk, climb and give kisses. The changes in the first year of life are absolutely astounding to me.

Current objectives on his lesson plan :) (both at Wendy's and here):
-Blowing kisses
-saying "puppy", "Wendy", "Go Twins" and "Joe Mauer" :)
-using "more" before resorting to a high pitch scream
-nice hands with the puppies
-sitting still for diaper changing


Kissie and Walking! from Jenna Sefkow on Vimeo.


1 comment:

Amanda Kelley said...

Good luck with sitting still during diaper changes. When you have perfected that, let me know!!!! I will need pointers!

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