11 Month Update

Thursday, July 1, 2010
I totally forgot to update on what this 11 month old baby-almost toddler can do!

He signs intentionally for "more" consistently. He imitates milk and all done during the appropriate situations. We just introduced "water".

He still says "da" for the puppies and a few other things, such as duck. He says "doe" for Joe Mauer and just recently began saying "do-a" for Mocha, and mama, dada, nom, nom. Lots of baba lately too.

He points at everything and is beginning to point at things that he specifically wants.

He seems to be understanding more language lately as well. If you ask "where is....mocha, water, duck, joe mauer, etc." He will look toward the specified object.

He will respond to "Give me the" for familiar objects and gesture it towards you (not always willing to let go though!)

Tries as hard as he can to get into all the places he can't go. Currently, we use the pack and play as a baby gate between our family room and living room. There aren't really any gates that will work in our little hallway, so this will do. Multiple times a day he goes over to try to move it. When it's not in the perfect position, he can move it, and will get out.

As we speak, he just figured out how to take the cover off the Gerber puff container. The high chair tray is covered in puffs.

He helps me dress him (sometimes). He understands to switch a toy he has in his hand to the other when I'm putting shirts on. And, if you take his arms out, he knows how to take his shirt off.

We've just begun stacking things. He understands the concept of "on top" and will attempt to put one block on top of another.

He seems to have an incredible memory. And he rarely gives up on something he wants without a significant distraction put in place.

He gives kisses more consistently now. He will give them on command (most of the time), and he just started initiating them on his own. The other day he was hanging out with daddy on the couch. He crawled up to his face and planted one on his cheek.

He laughs whenever we laugh. It's basically automatic. He also will start laughing waiting for a reaction from us.

He just started doing "so big", continues to do pat-a-cake,(and as you saw in the photos below, does the action for "toss it up high"), and Ryan swears he tried to "tickle" him the other day

He initiates peek-a-boo, has started dancing (especially when I sing my made up "I like..."(insert specific food he's eating), sung to the tune of "are you sleeping?". He dances EVERY time. And says "Nom, nom" at the end.

Consistently waves bye-bye.

Loves our neighbors Chris and Kelly. :) Chris is his buddy.

Much more interested in the puppies lately. He loves to chase them while giggling.

Shares food with us and the puppies. Loves to try to feed all of us. He also loves to pull it away and giggle.

Seems to call me mama by name. He still has his clingy moments during the day, and when I put him down (after just giving him a lot of attention) to go make his bottle, throw a diaper away, etc. he will chase me down and pull on my shirt saying "mama, mama".

Gross/Fine Motor
Walking and learning how to run.

Chooses crawling when he is running late and has some place to be.

Picks up anything of any size like a pro.

One finger pointing all the time.

Pushes around anything he can push around (his little lawnmower, laundry basket, high chair, etc. etc.)

Just stood up on his own for the first time today without grabbing on to anything.

Functional/Feeding Stuff

Feeds himself any food that he likes. He actually gobbled up lots of real peas from our garden the other night. But then, didn't eat the same said peas the very next day for lunch. It was apparently a one time deal.

Things he's tried lately: kiwi, pork, mango, plum, white peaches, and a bunch of other things I can't remember. We try to give him whatever we are eating. Sometimes he eats a sufficient amount for me, other times I have to bust out some of his regular favorites (cheese, deli meat, yogurt, bread, any fruit)

Feeds himself with a spoon. I don't think we'll ever put the spoon in his mouth for him again.

Can hold his bottle one handed sometimes, and will sometimes be able to drink his bottle on his own sitting on the floor instead of us holding him.

Sippy cup pro. I've just started to occasionally help him drink from a real cup. I'm going to start giving him more formula in his sippy cups. We've tried it, but he's so used to "sipping" from his sippy cup here and there, that he doesn't really seem to want to just sit with a sippy and slam the formula like he would with his bottle. 3 weeks until we can start implementing whole milk! Yikes! We are so close to ridding the grocery bill of expensive formula!

Just started using the toothbrush. I basically let him play with it to get used to having it in his mouth.

That's it! No photo. Sorry! I posted some new ones below last night.

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