A birthday letter to my baby boy...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Today is your 1st birthday big boy! This past year has been the most amazing and rewarding year of our lives. Even though today marks one entire year that you been with us, it still feels like yesterday that daddy was driving me to the hospital and we were on our way to becoming parents. I remember how nervous I was all day and how completely overcome I was with joy and tears when the doctor finally announced "Happy Birthday!". I will never, ever forget how I felt when I saw you for the first time. At that moment, everything about life as we knew it changed. We were parents and you became the center of our world. I remember how worried I was the first night we brought you home. I had daddy use his cell phone multiple times to go into your room and light up your face and make sure you were ok and breathing. I'd forget to eat the first couple of weeks because all I wanted to do was hold you all day. In the beginning, your activities were fairly limited to eating and sleeping, but you changed quickly. Soon you were cooing, and then came your very first smiles. I still can't help but smile right back every.single.time. you smile at me. Your beautiful smile is contagious and it lights up the room. Your smiles quickly turned into giggles and adorable belly laughs. At 5 months you were a sitting with some support and a watchful eye, and by 6 months you were a pro. At 7 months you were on the move and crawling everywhere, and by ten months there was no stopping your walking/running feet. Every time you accomplished a new milestone, I'd run to get the video camera and the camera. Each day was different than the day before, and in a blink of an eye, something would be different. I'm so glad I have so much documentation of what you were once like to look back on and always cherish. You will always be my baby boy, but today marks the beginning of your toddlerhood. I adore your persistence, your desire to figure things out, your excitement for everything, your spontaneous kisses and hugs, your personality that is beginning to show through, and your adorable affection for your daddy. I know the next year(s) will have its challenges, but I can't wait to experience it with you and all the new things you will bring to it. I can't remember life before you and I can't imagine it without you. I simply love you with all my heart, baby boy.


And now that some of you are tearing up as I am, some photos to look at through your foggy eyes.




















Anonymous said...

Best ones yet!!! :) Looks like he had a great birthay! Can't wait for Sunday. You are way too cute Mr. Henry!!
-Kelly & Chris

Jenna said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

I love these birthday pictures of Henry. He is so darn adorable. I look forward to finally meeting him when we come back for Jeremy's wedding in October.

Aunt Patti and Uncle Donnie

Amanda Kelley said...

I was a baller when I read the letter! You are amazing parents! The photos are so adorable I shared them with everyone at work! We needed a ray of sunshine today!

Jenna said...

thanks everyone!!

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