1 Year Photo Shoot Part 3!

Thursday, August 5, 2010
The third installment of official 1 year photos. I have one more planned after this!

This one went as well as could be expected after the debacle that was the 11 month photo shoot.  Ryan and I cleaned out the basement storage room last weekend and there was some extra PVC piping that Ryan had used to make my backdrop stand lying around. Henry had a good old time walking around holding onto the PVC, and it was a traumatic experience when it was taken away.

I should have remembered this when I brought out the backdrop stand. oops. All he wanted to do was move around the backdrop stand.

I thought since I was giving him balloons, he'd sit and hold the balloon. Ha. My blanket backdrop was going all over the place, balloons were flying, the backdrop stand was getting nearly knocked over. Sigh. Mommy was exhausted after 10 minutes. This is what I managed to get.







THE best one! Don't you just love this face!?



Tom said...

Great pix, Jenna. I am surprised by how amenable he is to wearing the hat - most kids would probably not be so cooperative, and would want to tear it off!!

Amanda Kelley said...

You would never know by these wonderful photos all the chaos that was going on... Isn't it amazing???

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