The Dream

Thursday, August 12, 2010
You must first watch this quick Twins commercial "The Dream". Take note of the 3 year old Joe Mauer at the VERY end of the 30 second clip.

Then, watch my baby. Excuse my greasy, unwashed hair and shrieking squeals of delight. 3 year old Joe Mauer has nothing on my 1 year old.

Henry's first hit!! from Jenna Sefkow on Vimeo.

Yes, I clearly hit the ball for him the first time...but not the two times after that. 

And did you notice? Some ball players kiss their bats before they hit (a la former Twin, Carlos Gomez)...Henry, however, needed a kiss from mommy first. 

Here it is on too. Let's make it viral! Lol. 

Some lame guy got on the Early Show today because he let his girlfriend get his by a foul ball. Surely Henry is more awesome than that.

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