Finally, people.

Friday, August 20, 2010
I've been waiting nearly 3 LONG months. Remember the end of this post?

Hmmm...who's that?


Here's a different one...


And a THIRD one?? This, much more clear than the first two.


If you aren't a fan you won't fully appreciate the awesomeness of this. And, if you're from Minnesota and you AREN'T a fan...shame on you!

Some different, more revealing, angles...




This my friends, joins the very small list of (material) prized possessions I now call my own.


These men are pretty much the trifecta of Twins baseball. And their autographs (ALL THREE OF THEM) sit on a photograph that I took of MY baby. This is pure awesomeness. To get something like this (with all three autographs) would literally take hours upon hours, upon hours, upon hours, at multiple events. You can never get all three of these guys at one autograph event. Just to get one of them (especially one of the M & M boys) requires AT LEAST 6-8 hours waiting in line...for one of them!


It will soon be framed and hung down in our bar. It's awesome, I love it, and can't wait to give it to Henry someday, a long time from now. With Mauer's contract extending until Henry's 9th year, hopefully Mauer will be to Henry as Kirby Puckett was to me growing up and this will be something he cherishes in adulthood.

I know you've been on the seat of your pants for 3 months. Too bad I had already let the cat out of the bag and told half of you readers. 


Tom said...

EXTREMELY COOL, Jenna!!!! And include a sheet of glass on the frame, so no one spills any beer on it, or hits it with a dart!!!!

Amanda Kelley said...


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