Wednesday, August 18, 2010
If you saw one of my facebook updates today, you would have seen that not only has Henry mastered saying "Oh-o" (which is still sometimes "Oh-o-oh-o"), he decided to clean up the floor today for me. After his nap he walked around the house finding fuzz and dust on our dirty floor (yeah, I'll admit it) and brought it to me saying "oh-o". Thank you Henry, for the reminder that I haven't cleaned the floor yet this week.

Cleaning up the floor and being a good helper is definitely not the only thing this boy can do. I realized that after the fury of photos that was the 1 Year Photo Shoot Part 1, 2, 3 & 4, I failed to update you all on what this boy is doing these days.

His communication skills continue to expand daily. Since the last update of what he says (I'm not going to go back and write it ALL out again), he has said/or says on a regular basis nana, bye-bye, turtle, oh-o, bumpa, ba still for "bat" and "ball", a faint "p" or "b" sound for his private parts (we say pee-pee), pa-per for diaper, nihl for milk (yeah, some of it doesn't quite make sense), duck, mmm-ma for grandma, waa for water, juice, shoe, ha for hat, mmmah for more (or something like that) and I swear he said puppy today. None of it is really clear as a bell yet (except for Joe-Joe for Joe Mauer) as he seems to mostly be dropping off the ending sounds, but I don't think it has to be yet at this age. I'll check with my speech peeps next week when I go back to work.

He's become a little lazy with his "more" sign, but at least still utters his vocal approximation for more (which is what it should be, I guess), but also signs water, eat, milk, all done, please and poop. I've been trying to put two signs together lately such as "more please" and "all done poopy". Oh, he also came up with his own sign for "brush teeth". He puts one finger in his mouth and pretends to brush. It's too cute. Today when we were looking at a book that had a picture of a comb (that likely looked like a toothbrush to him), he started doing his "brush teeth" sign and pointed at the picture.

He's beginning to ask for things on his own with zero prompting. In the morning if he wakes up too early we bring him into bed to snuggle for a little bit. Just about every morning for a week now he has sat up, looked at me and signed milk. Amazing.

He understands an obnoxious amount as of late. He understands questions that begin with "where", as he will consistently look for the requested item. He's also just mastered a little direction/simple command following at meal times. He was really struggling to not (*read having fun*) throw his cup on the floor after. every. sip. After a couple days he would gesture it towards me after I said "Give it to mommy please." And today and yesterday he was just giving it to me after every sip without my verbal prompting. Yay! He will also follow commands such as give me/bring me the...*insert desired object*.
Depending on his mood, if I get a diaper out and give it to him and ask him to come to the couch to get a new diaper on, he will.

When I say "Does Henry want to eat?" he will walk to his high chair and gesture up with his arms to get in.

He points to a variety of pictures in books such as puppy, duck, cow, hat, ball, etc.

He's mastered stacking the mega blocks together (and mastered getting up on the mega block table--so those table legs had to come down).

Socially he is a ham. He loves to make people laugh, loves imitating nearly every thing we do, plays with the puppies (even if it's a little rough right now), gives an insane amount of kisses (both when we ask, and when we don't!), will easily chuckle at just about anything, waves bye-bye, snuggles and gives hugs, etc. etc. He just started this new thing this week where after a nap, he snuggles with me in the chair for anywhere from 15-30 minutes. It's the best part of my day. He shares with us and the puppies all the time. He gives us toys all the time and tries to give the puppies their toys. He also recognizes the differences between his toys and puppy toys as he rarely tries to give the puppies one of HIS toys. 

Motor wise he is still learning how to run. He RARELY crawls. He can hit a ball off of a t. Did you see that video?? Maybe you did, but no one commented...so how do I know?

Meal times are going a bit better since the doctor clued me in that one good meal a day is basically "good enough". Lately, Henry loves pizza, frozen waffles, grilled cheese, and grapes.

He is 100% on whole milk (we made the switch over a two week period and decided to be done when the last can of formula ran out). He loves it. He drinks it straight out of the fridge.

And, the biggest thing on the feeding/meal front? We are down to having only ONE bottle a day. He takes his lunch time milk in a cup with his lunch and his "bedtime bottle" has also been transitioned to a cup with his dinner. Sometimes he does really well and drinks a good 5-6 ounces with his meals, and other times he drinks an ounce or two. I think I'll see how he does next week by replacing the morning bottle. My goal was to have him off the bottle completely by the time he goes back to daycare (I don't know why---but why not? He drinks out of the sippy so well--which is just a glorified bottle anyway).

He goes back to daycare on the 30th. I go back to work on the 30th.

Speaking of grilled cheese earlier. Henry ordered his first "meal" at a restaurant...grilled cheese at Culvers. Sure, not the healthiest, but this kid gets his fill of yogurt, fruit, cheese and protein. A little grilled cheese isn't going to hurt him.

Grandma teaching him how to wipe his face.


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