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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I'm slowly making my way through the last couple weeks of photos. Happy 14 months to Henry today as well. I'll consider his super cute orchard photos his 14 month photos. I'm not done with those yet though. I took about 300 on the day and just went through and found 70+ "keepers" just because of all the funny expressions he was making.

For now, enjoy the photos below. Before we get to that, here's a quick update on what's new with Mr. Henry.

New words we've heard as of late (all approximations): up, baby, baby sleep (first two word utterance! yay!), boo, bath, poo-poo, Chris, Ginger, Diz (for Liz :) ), tractor, and a bunch of other things that he's really trying with but we can't make out yet. He is at least making some sort of noise with almost every gesture now, so they are coming. He signs "please" like crazy. It means more like "want" to him--but man, when we're sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal and he vigorously signs please with a gigantic smile on his face (because he knows mommy has marshmallows in her cereal) it I'm trying to teach him "help" right now, and he also signs cookie every once in a while.

He's continuing to do a good job following basic directions, but has also quickly learned that it's funny when he runs away with the new diaper instead of bringing it to mommy, among other things. He really enjoys throwing things for the puppies, and has pretty much perfected hitting the ball off the t, as well as throwing the ball pretty straight forward. He'll be a force to be reckoned with on his 4 year old t-ball team. I'll have to post a video if you don't believe me.

He's starting to become attached to a blankie (not any one in particular, because I've been smart enough to basically give him a different blanket every night)--he just likes the idea of snuggling with it, and when I take him up to bed, he carries his blankie and snuggles it the whole way. It's too cute.

He's really been into looking at books lately too (yay!). He'll actually bring me books when I'm sitting on the floor. He hands me the book, sits in my lap, and grabs the book again and opens it. His absolute favorite for some reason right now is a touch and feel first words book I bought him for his birthday. One of the pages has food on it, and sadly, the only two things he can accurately point to on that page are the cookies and the french fries. We're really working on the identification with this book.

Speaking of french fries, this boy loves his ketchup. We gave him some once with a french fry, which he then just licked off repeatedly, and then realized it was much more efficient to scoop the ketchup right off the tray and into his mouth. As far as eating and milk drinking goes, sometimes he eats a ton, and sometimes he doesn't. He always has a least one good meal a day. We'll worry about his weight again at his next appointment, I'm sure, which will be 15 months at the end of October.

Uncle Jake taught him how to do push-ups. You ought to see that.

I know that isn't it, but that's all I can get out in words at 11:00pm. Once I get the orchard photos done, I'll post more if I forgot.



She says, "He is mine."







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