A 15 month old's Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Edited: If you looked at this post before 7am on Monday, I failed to put a few more photos in--so scroll through again and check those out!

Henry turned 15 months last Thursday and even though I told myself I'd never attempt indoor "studio" type photos until he was old enough to understand (and give in) to a bribe to stay sitting, I gave it a try anyway on Saturday (by myself even, as Ryan was doing yardwork). Boy, am I glad I did, as I LOVE these photos. They turned out awesome!

But, before we get to those photos, how about a quick 15 month update?

I think the biggest thing this month is just how much his cognitive awareness and understanding is exploding. He knows what he wants when he wants it and knows how to get it himself, or communicate somehow to have us get it for him. For instance, the other day, he came over to me, said "pa" (which is up) and then gestured across the room. I didn't quite get what he was pointing at, so I walked toward the direction he was pointing, where he then indicated he wanted to get down. He then picked up a book, said "pa" again for me to pick him up and opened the book. He was initiating "I want to look at a book with you." essentially. He also initiates other silly games like putting toys on our heads so they fall down and make loud noises, "boo", etc. He continues to understand and follow many different directions (our current favorite is "Go get another book.") He also recognizes the sound of cereal hitting a ceramic bowl and comes running for his share, knows "bye-bye" means run to the door, runs out to the front door when he hears the dogs barking among so many other things. I just can't remember them all, but he is totally in tune to what is going on around him.

He can now point to nose, ears, head, finger, toes, belly, mouth and "pee-pee" (that's one you just have to see). He is improving in his ability to point to a requested object in books and can point to a bunch of things when asked including puppy, duck, cow, bird, monkey, pizza, toast, banana, choo-choo, baby, teddy bear, car, kitty, etc.

Language is still coming along. I haven't been writing them down lately, so I can't think of all of them right now. A few new attempts at words this month I can remember include se-all (or something like that for cereal), mmkin (for pumpkin), he has something very specific for pizza, but I can't quite think of it (something like mi-ma). He's perfecting "puppy", and his absolute favorite word right now is baby. He loves all things baby, including the mirrors and his reflection in the doors. The other night he saw his reflection in the door, said "baby" and then hugged his reflection. No self esteem issues for this boy. A fun video will hopefully be posted soon from another time where Henry recently found his reflection.

He signs "poop" when he is pooping, does a variation of "again" and we're still working on "help".

He is still super snuggly and loves handing out hugs and kisses. For a brief period of time he was hitting quite a bit (both out of looking for a reaction and because of being frustrated with his emotions--totally normal for his age, by the way) and that has almost nearly disappeared. Every once in a while when he gets mad he will hit, but then we just look at him with a sad face and/or say "owie, mommy sad." and he will hug us.

He still runs everywhere and seems to be getting a little better body awareness, as he hasn't taken too many spills as of late.

He has learned how to take his shirt off by himself, his jacket, and with a little help, can take off his pants.

I'm sure there is more, but that's about all I can think of right now. Every single day there is something new and he is just so much fun. We love this child.
















Haha. LOVE the expression.






The amazingness that our Halloween costumes were. Chris and Kelly had a party yesterday and we went all out! Ryan and I haven't dressed up once in our nearly 9 years together. The last time we were both dressed up was about a month before we actually started dating at the National Honor Society Halloween Party, October 2001. I was a giant pumpkin and he was the grim reaper, I think. Even though I was a fat pumpkin, I somehow caught his eye that year. :) So anyway, it was pretty exciting to finally have a good idea and get all dressed up this year.





Chris and Kelly's amazing hand-made costumes. I think I will have Kelly teach me how to sew someday. 


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