Bobcats and shopping carts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Backward walking. Spinning. Two-word signing. Cereal. Pretend. Fish sticks. Book corner. Scratches. Hugs. Shyness. Monsters.

Those are all brand new things that describe Henry's last couple of weeks. His backward walk looks a little like the moon walk. He makes himself dizzy spinning in a circle. He put together "up, please" when he wanted me to pick him up. He continues to love his marshmallow treasures cereal and said "cereal" yesterday morning to request it. He showed his first real glimmer of true pretend play by trying to give his teddy bear some milk to drink. He likes fish sticks. He sits in his "book corner" and "reads" books on his own. He has two huge scratches on his nose which are a product of his strong defense against booger wiping. He is starting to hug and snuggle for real, for a long time. And, he's becoming shy. He hid behind my leg yesterday when Kelly was over. He has an awesome new theme in his bathroom--monsters. I'll get a photo of it sometime. It's too cute and was all on clearance at Kohls. Love it.

He is changing so rapidly and is so much a little, (little) boy now, rather than a baby. I just called and made his 15 month appointment today.

Oh. So here's the bobcat. Henry was less than interested.



I'll check it out from back here.


And here's the shopping cart grandma bought him. Joe-Joe goes for a ride. Joe-Joe has plenty of time for shopping now, after that sorry excuse for a playoff appearance he and his fellow teammates made.






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