A comedy of errors.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
That is what my past weekend was like. You see, my wonderful husband has never shot off a gun in his life. He is a charming engineer who has always enjoyed his...engineering things. The fact that he had never hunted anything, let alone never shot a gun amused some of our male neighbors and he was subsequently invited and taken on a pheasant hunting trip to apparently find undiscovered manhood. For me, this meant an entire weekend as a single mom.

I knew it would be difficult. However, the only part I thought would be difficult was trying to fall asleep. I'm not afraid to admit I'm afraid of the dark and strongly dislike being alone, so I knew the nights would be hard. Little did I know things would get a bit more difficult than that. I found out quickly that the bad karma fairy had a little extra bad karma lying around, and he dumped it all on me.

Saturday morning at 3:15am. I wake up and CAN NOT move. Literally can't move. I woke up on my back and couldn't move my neck in any direction without the most agonizing pain I have ever felt. Slight panic. For a moment I think I'm dreaming. Nope. Not dreaming. I had to ever so slightly twist my entire torso without moving my neck and prop myself up with my arms. The pain went down through my neck and into my shoulder blades. I toss and turn until 6am. Oh, and I went to bed at about 12:30am anyway, as I had been working on pictures. Not only can I not move, but I'm working on not even 3 hours of sleep.

Flash forward to trying to crawl out of bed at 6am. I had a wedding that day. 9 hours of shooting a wedding with a heavy, clunky camera/lens around my neck. More panic. How in the world am I going to do this? I can't move my head. I call Ryan crying and we decide to try and get the babysitter (Auntie Liz) over earlier so I can make a stop at Walgreens to pick up some icyhot or something.

Realizing I needed to buck up and get myself together so I could leave on time, I start packing up my camera gear. I had left something in the car the night before. I go out to get it, forgetting I had locked the extra garage door lock (more of that afraid of the dark stuff). Before I even step up to the door to let myself back in, I realize what I had done. Locked myself out of the house with Henry inside. Slight panic again, however, after this very same thing happened the last time Ryan was out of town (when I was 5-6 months pregnant), I knew we now had a spare key. I just couldn't remember where that spare key was. I run to the next door neighbors so I can call Ryan and ask where the key was. No answer next door. So, I run in my bare feet through our backyard and into the neighbors yard behind us. Call Ryan, get key location, run back to the house.

On the way back to the house I step on and prominently insert a rusty staple into my bare foot. Yep...you read that right.

I let myself back in the house and pick up Henry and he gets cranky shortly thereafter and tries to get himself down. His movement stretched my neck the wrong way and I start crying on the spot. He looks at me with a concerned look and wraps his arms around my neck, hugging me, for literally minutes on end. I melt. At just the right moment, he got me back on track. Look for photos of this re-inactment at the bottom of this post.

Auntie Liz gets there and Henry struggles to let me go. Knowing what I know about what I ask my own students' parents to do concerning transitions, I try not to make it long, but it was super hard, as he was visibly having a hard time with it. Tough mommy moment. I leave and am out the door to Walgreens.

The pharmacist recommends the icy hot over the heating pad, but I bought both. Tried the icy hot, next to zero relief. Slap on the heating pad. Once I get to the wedding and get engrossed in what I am doing, I quickly forget about my neck and after a while, realize that it feels slightly better. At the end of the day, my entire back was throbbing (but that is typical after a long wedding day).

Are you still with me?

Ok. good.

Sunday morning Henry and I drove down to Mankato (everyone was in town for a cousin's wedding that I couldn't attend, as I had already booked my own wedding) so he could meet some great uncles he's never met (2 of whom I haven't seen in 5-6 years myself).  That actually went off without a hitch. I got us ready and we were in Mankato by 8am. (I had to leave by 1:00pm to get to an engagement session). Finally, some photos in the midst of this tragedy.

Henry and I with Great Uncle Donnie and Great Aunt Patti (live in Washington)


Great Uncle Denny and Great Aunt Shelly (live in Arizona)


Great Aunt Debbie (my godmother) and Great Uncle Joel (live 10 minutes down the road in Shakopee)


Great Uncle Doug and Great Aunt Shirley


Playing catch with Elmo and Uncle Donnie


The Filand boys and their sister

Donnie, David, Dale, Denny, Doug, Debbie


How old are you boys?



So after our fun in Mankato, Grandma, Bumpa, Uncle Josh, Henry and I travel back to the house and I go off on my engagement shoot. I rent a couple lenses for each wedding, and since the store isn't open on Sundays, Auntie Liz has been kind enough to return them for me on Mondays. After my 3pm shoot, I was going to drive from Waconia to Liz's apartment in MPLS to drop off my stuff.

Enter Liz's apartment. I quickly realize I forgot some of the lens end caps. Really? Really. 60 miles and 1 hour wasted. Awesomeness again. Thankfully my pheasant hunting husband offers to return them for me so I don't have to drive all the way back again.

I get home, we make homemade pizza and Kelly brings over root beer floats. The weekend finally seems to be calming down. Sleepiness sets in, the husband and the workweek are almost here.

Ryan gets home. Smells natural gas. Stove was never turned off. It had been on for nearly 3 hours. Every window and door in the house flies open. After a sufficient amount of time has passed, windows are closed and we go to bed. Weekend over. Never had I been so glad to see a Monday in my life.

Finally, a photo sequence of the re-inactment of Henry's hug. That moment was huge. The fact that he is able to discern my emotion and has generalized the fact that he gets hugs when he is upset, and thus gave me one to make me feel better was absolutely incredible. He is definitely our little man.

So anyway, I faked cried while Ryan had the camera out because I wanted to get it in pictures (and just to see if he would do it again, or if it was just a fluke).


He did it multiple times and it was so cute. He's been hugging and snuggling a lot lately and we are eating it up at this house.

More cute photos will hopefully be posted tomorrow during nap time. Love this MEA stuff. Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of this post.


Anonymous said...

:( Ugh! I feel so bad Jenna- I won't let Chris take your husband ever again!! (or atleast without stipulations next time! hehe) The pictures of Henry hugging you melt my heart though! Such a sweet little boy!! And the pictures of your Dad's family are pretty funny with all of them joking around in the pictures :)

kfiland30 said...

It only happens to you Jenna!!



kfiland30 said...

and thank you Ryan for saving us from the gas...we smelled nothing..

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