16 months?!

Monday, November 29, 2010
Henry turned 16 months already on Sunday. Man, we are creeping up on 1.5 years already.

Here's a brief run down of what's new in our world:

Communication: new words this month include Santa, Christmas tree, computer (which we think he's been saying for a while, but we just figured it out yesterday...it's probably the funniest thing he tries to say.), mmm, mmm (for something that is yummy), on, moo (for cow), piggy, farmer, girl, itchy (he randomly imitated that today), Dzz for Liz, ba-bum (or something like that for Adam), dshie (for Joshie), something for Jake, mmm-ma (for grandma), mi-ma (for pizza) are the ones I can think of right now. He's so funny because he will sometimes imitate and repeat something we request of him over and over (like computer this morning), but then, at other times, won't repeat a thing.

He initiates "I don't know" and "where?" a lot (and by where, he throws his hands up in the air and says "ehh?!" while he looks around for whatever it is he's searching for).

Unfortunately, we are signing "please" less often, and screeching for things/attention more. I'm not sure why this is happening, but he's perfected a super high pitched screech that most undoubtedly hurts the poor dogs' ears. I'm trying to teach him to say "mama" when he wants my attention. Hitting has also increased dramatically as well in conjunction with this screeching. He seems to dish out the hitting to me 95% of the time, and Ryan 5% of the time. Even when Ryan was the bad guy and took something away, I usually get hit. I know it's still normal right now (and hopefully even at this level, it still is), but man, I don't like it one bit.

He can label a bunch of animals in his big animal book now, knows each of the farm animals to his little people barn, and is beginning to answer "what's this?" in reference to his body parts. When he hears "bath time" he runs to the stairs, and sometimes will run to the high chair when we say "time to eat,"

He's obsessed with the dishwasher and knows how to open it along with one of the locked cupboards. They all have the same child proof lock, but he's only managed to get one open so far. And of course, it's the cupboard with the pyrex in it. And because he insists on being right there when we unload the dishwasher, he gets the job of putting away the plastic cutting boards, as it's the only thing he can reach that is safe and light to carry. He actually follows through and puts it away if I remind him of where it goes.

He's beginning to clean up and put things away. With a few prompts to stay on task, he will actually clean up a lot of toys. And when he picks something up, he has to make sure he picked up every block of that kind.

He's scared of the vacuum, we learned this weekend. He's only scared of it when it's on, and as soon as it turns on, he will run 20 feet away as fast as he can. As soon as it turns off, he runs right back to it to check it out and play with it.

He gives the puppies hugs, which is adorable. Still not always using "nice hands" with them, though.

He fist bumps and gives high fives. When he does either of those to one person, he has to go around and do it to everyone else in the room, even if he doesn't know them that well.

He also learned how to blow raspberries on our bellies. It's so cute and he gets a kick out of it. Let's hope he doesn't try to lift up your shirt to give you a raspberry the next time you are here.

Eating is still the same. Sometimes we'll have a great meal, and other times we sign "all done" and screech after 3 bites.

His glowworm is his official lovie at night. I just replaced the batteries about 4 weeks ago, and he already has worn the batteries out because he will continuously push the button until he falls asleep.

His favorite book right now is "The Pout-Pout Fish", favorite toy is anything he shouldn't have (like the ornaments on the tree)--but really, he seems to like his bus and helicopter along with the farm animals the best right now.

I have photos I want to show you, but I'm waiting to mail out my Christmas cards first. So for the first time in a long time, a post about Henry, without a photo of Henry.

Thanksgiving 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010
A few photos from Thanksgiving.

Even though I took a diaper bag full of toys to Uncle John and Aunt Barb's...Henry only needed this:


Great Grandpa's walker.


He wasn't happy when it was taken away. Happy here, though.


Family Photo!


Squishy kiss.


Trying to escape Auntie Liz.


And, some unrelated Christmas light fun.






Monday, November 22, 2010
I have no real title or reason for these photos. Just a few taken this weekend.

You've all seen this adorable smile.


But only a lucky few (my mom, dad, Ryan, Uncle Jake, and myself included) have witnessed this hilarious face. He only makes this face to my mom. We aren't sure why/what for/what triggers it. He'll imitate it when she does it, but then we'll catch him doing it to her when she isn't even looking at him/interacting with him.

It is the funniest thing I've ever seen. And then he smiles.


Pretending Rudolph is a horsie. At least we don't try to do this with the puppies.


My parents have a music thing connected to their tree that plays music and makes the lights blink in-sync with the music. Henry was fascinated. But only with Jingle Bells.


Henry's tree. 


2 Years Ago

Sunday, November 21, 2010
Hard to believe that this was 2 years ago last week. I found it while going through my hard drive looking for something else (unfortunately, I can't find the actual copy of it) and realized that it had never been posted on this blog. This was how I had told Ryan we were pregnant. I remember having him sit down first.

In other news...like the slideshow banner? I do. :) I'm sure you'll see it change frequently.


Shutterfly, Shutterfly, Shutterfly!

Friday, November 12, 2010
I love Shutterfly. I've been using them for photos, calendars, photo books and photo cards/announcements since 2004. The photo books and the photo cards are by far, my favorite. I love the variety, that especially in recent years, they have in photo cards. It usually takes me weeks to narrow down exactly what holiday card I want. I think I actually ordered two different ones last year because I simply couldn't decide.

The flat stationary cards (see link) http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards
or go to this link for all three types of cards (greeting card, flat stationary and standard photo card)
http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery have been my favorite in recent years. This year, Mod Snowflakes, Merry Berry Stripes and Oh What Fun are a few of my favorites. For the price, they are such a good quality. They also come with envelopes, and if you are feeling really busy, for a slight fee, you can have Shutterfly address and mail them for you too!

Why am I carrying on about how much I love shutterfly? Because their quality is good and there is ALWAYS a deal/coupon going on. And the current deal right now is if I blog about this and share it on here and Facebook, I get 50 free holiday cards. So if you blog, pass the word! Here is the link for more information! http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/

Happy Shopping!

Fist bumping is a big deal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Thanks to Uncle Jake, Henry now knows how to fist bump.

Fist bumping with daddy.


"For a small guy, I'm still a big deal." Take that, 3rd%tile. 


You know what else is a big deal? Henry has mastered this puzzle (with the exception of the octagon piece, because we can't find it.) Our child is awesome and brilliant. Video to follow.


Breakdown of a bad day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
I was beyond excited to go to Henry's well baby check today. Beyond excited. We thought for sure he had gained some weight. He just felt heavier to us. We were thinking about 22 pounds. I thought for ABSOLUTE sure he would AT LEAST be over that 20 pound hump. Once again, for the 4th well baby check in a row (beginning at 4 months), my heart sank as I watched the nurse move the little slider on the scale. First, the bottom slider to the 10 mark, then to the 20, then BACK to the 10. STILL not 20 pounds. The scale read 19 pounds, 15 ounces. That's a 1 ounce gain in 3 months, folks. My eyes immediately filled up with tears as I tried to hold screaming Henry down long enough for her to get a semi-accurate height measurement. (Apparently, this scale as become as traumatic for him as it has been for me.)

This weight gain issue now alarms me (us) tremendously. He has pretty much flat lined since 8-9 months of age. He has weighed the same for at least the last 6 months. 6 months. Virtually no weight gain in 6 months.

Yes, he moves. A lot. All. the. time. I know this. (If I moved as much as he did, I might be able to lose those last 5 pounds still hanging out above the button on my pants.) However, he also didn't gain much weight when he didn't do much more than look around and smile. This is why it alarms me.

The doctor has instructed us to try to "fatten him up", basically. Lots of butter on french toast/pancakes. Cottage cheese, cheese sticks, yogurt, lots of good protein and fats (bacon, sausage, etc.). The problem is this child is picky. If he doesn't recognize it, he likely won't try it. And you're not supposed to physically shove food in a child's mouth.

She also wants us to give him one bottle of Pediasure a day (broken up between his 3 meals). If my guesstimate of his milk intake is semi-accurate (likely anywhere from 10 ounces-18 ounces) he's not nearly drinking enough of that either. Average is apparently around 24-30 ounces per day. Milk intake needs to try and go up (so more milk at snacks).

I have to bring him back in in 6 weeks to get another weight measurement. If at that point he has still not gained weight, we will be referred to a specialist to determine if there is an underlying problem, and this scares the crap out of me.

His height actually increased (yay for that!). He is now 30 inches which puts him at the 20%tile. I'm slightly skeptical of this, however, as it didn't seem to be an entirely accurate measurement while Henry screamed bloody murder.

Other news from today's stellar appointment, Henry has impetigo. It's some sort of infection you can get with a cold that causes red sores/rashes in and around the nose/face. (See photo below). Over the weekend, I thought he had some interesting red tones to his skin, but they were small spots and I really didn't think anything of it. However, it was visibly noticeable when I picked him up from daycare, and it was the first thing the dr. pointed out when she walked through the door.

Oh wait. There's more news from today's stellar appointment. A double ear infection. An ear infection in the right ear, and an ear infection in the left ear. Daycare reported that he didn't seem himself on Friday. He had woken up once in the middle of the night on Saturday, and Sunday he was completely off and cranky in the afternoon/early evening because he had missed his nap time (or so we thought that was the reason). Yesterday he seemed pretty normal, so thank goodness we already had this appointment lined up and we caught the ear infections in time before they ruptured.

He got three vaccines today (another round of something he's had before, the chicken pox vaccine, and the flu shot).

At 7pm he started screaming bloody murder and could not be calmed down for awhile. He finally fell asleep in daddy's arms after we successfully got some ibuprofen in him to help with the potential vaccine related reactions (fever, pain in the legs, etc.). I'm praying the screaming was for the pain in the legs and general ear pain and not the ears on the verge of rupturing.

Our sick boy received an antibiotic for his ears, a cream for his nose, Pediasure (which is more expensive than formula!), a fireman and zookeeper costume, and Little People brand cows for his barn.

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