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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
I was beyond excited to go to Henry's well baby check today. Beyond excited. We thought for sure he had gained some weight. He just felt heavier to us. We were thinking about 22 pounds. I thought for ABSOLUTE sure he would AT LEAST be over that 20 pound hump. Once again, for the 4th well baby check in a row (beginning at 4 months), my heart sank as I watched the nurse move the little slider on the scale. First, the bottom slider to the 10 mark, then to the 20, then BACK to the 10. STILL not 20 pounds. The scale read 19 pounds, 15 ounces. That's a 1 ounce gain in 3 months, folks. My eyes immediately filled up with tears as I tried to hold screaming Henry down long enough for her to get a semi-accurate height measurement. (Apparently, this scale as become as traumatic for him as it has been for me.)

This weight gain issue now alarms me (us) tremendously. He has pretty much flat lined since 8-9 months of age. He has weighed the same for at least the last 6 months. 6 months. Virtually no weight gain in 6 months.

Yes, he moves. A lot. All. the. time. I know this. (If I moved as much as he did, I might be able to lose those last 5 pounds still hanging out above the button on my pants.) However, he also didn't gain much weight when he didn't do much more than look around and smile. This is why it alarms me.

The doctor has instructed us to try to "fatten him up", basically. Lots of butter on french toast/pancakes. Cottage cheese, cheese sticks, yogurt, lots of good protein and fats (bacon, sausage, etc.). The problem is this child is picky. If he doesn't recognize it, he likely won't try it. And you're not supposed to physically shove food in a child's mouth.

She also wants us to give him one bottle of Pediasure a day (broken up between his 3 meals). If my guesstimate of his milk intake is semi-accurate (likely anywhere from 10 ounces-18 ounces) he's not nearly drinking enough of that either. Average is apparently around 24-30 ounces per day. Milk intake needs to try and go up (so more milk at snacks).

I have to bring him back in in 6 weeks to get another weight measurement. If at that point he has still not gained weight, we will be referred to a specialist to determine if there is an underlying problem, and this scares the crap out of me.

His height actually increased (yay for that!). He is now 30 inches which puts him at the 20%tile. I'm slightly skeptical of this, however, as it didn't seem to be an entirely accurate measurement while Henry screamed bloody murder.

Other news from today's stellar appointment, Henry has impetigo. It's some sort of infection you can get with a cold that causes red sores/rashes in and around the nose/face. (See photo below). Over the weekend, I thought he had some interesting red tones to his skin, but they were small spots and I really didn't think anything of it. However, it was visibly noticeable when I picked him up from daycare, and it was the first thing the dr. pointed out when she walked through the door.

Oh wait. There's more news from today's stellar appointment. A double ear infection. An ear infection in the right ear, and an ear infection in the left ear. Daycare reported that he didn't seem himself on Friday. He had woken up once in the middle of the night on Saturday, and Sunday he was completely off and cranky in the afternoon/early evening because he had missed his nap time (or so we thought that was the reason). Yesterday he seemed pretty normal, so thank goodness we already had this appointment lined up and we caught the ear infections in time before they ruptured.

He got three vaccines today (another round of something he's had before, the chicken pox vaccine, and the flu shot).

At 7pm he started screaming bloody murder and could not be calmed down for awhile. He finally fell asleep in daddy's arms after we successfully got some ibuprofen in him to help with the potential vaccine related reactions (fever, pain in the legs, etc.). I'm praying the screaming was for the pain in the legs and general ear pain and not the ears on the verge of rupturing.

Our sick boy received an antibiotic for his ears, a cream for his nose, Pediasure (which is more expensive than formula!), a fireman and zookeeper costume, and Little People brand cows for his barn.


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kfiland30 said...

Poor Henry..Grandma thinks you are just fine.. What do the charts know. Your Mommy was small too, and there was no concern back then. You just have the short gene.

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