Belated 17 month update

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
I will try hard to document most of the important things that happened in the 17 month, (mostly because I want to remember them someday) but I know that because this is coming 2 weeks late, I'm going to speak more to the changes we've seen in just the last two weeks, which, have been insane.

Communication is absolutely exploding. I can't even keep track of the words he has said. He repeats just about ANYTHING now (so be mindful of your swear words when you are around him). He's repeated/said everything from "Tuesday", "yellow", and "Henry" to "There you go!", "digger", and "mountain". A quick google search just told me that most 18 month olds should have about a dozen words. We are WAY beyond that. Awesome. :) He's even begun to put a few two words together as of late-- such as more clearly saying "all done",  as well as "boots on", and "nigh-nigh". If he can see that we aren't quite getting something he is saying, he will physically take our hands and take us to where he wants. His new favorite word is "no". He finally learned it. He uses it most often with the puppies. Especially when Hershey scratches at the door. "NOOOOOOO!!" is what we hear. It's hilarious.

Cognitively he is exploding as well. He can point to 8 shapes (also can say circle, triangle, and oval clearly) and two colors. He puts all of his new puzzles together with ease and tries to figure out everything in his site. It's pretty cool to watch. His mind is always going and he pretty much never stops. The only thing that knocks this kid on his tush is a high fever. Diarrhea for 6 days didn't even make him skip a beat. He's also figured out the door handles in the past month. The garage door was switched out for one with a lock, the basement was switched out for a knob with a knob lock, and the pantry and lower level bathroom should be switched out this weekend to a knob. He still loves books and the current favorite is Good Night Gorilla. He also knows when we skip pages. New recent development just tonight: counting. Ryan throws buckets of water at him and says "1, 2, 3" before he does it. Tonight Ryan just said "1" and Henry finished with "2" and "3"!!

Adaptive/Self Help wise (hmmm...someone must be a special ed. teacher) He feeds himself with a spoon and fork really well. He is very careful! He used his fork for french toast this past weekend and has been eating a lot of applesauce because of the diarrhea and he barely spills! I bought small plastic cups a while ago, but we haven't been using them as much as we should. He's really interested lately in trying to get his own socks, shoes and pants on. While in New Mexico he was successful in getting a shoe on all by himself! He got one leg in his pants the other night. Potty chair is sitting in the bathroom. He finally had real poop hopefully we'll give the potty a try sometime this week.

Socially, he still hams it up with people he is really comfortable with. He is a chatterbox, still loves giving his high fives and fist bumps. He also has learned how to "shake hands"...which is adorable. He now makes a "smooch" sound when he gives kisses, enthusiastically says "bye-bye" to random people at Target and Culvers, and is becoming more interested in his little friends at daycare.

Motor wise---he still runs everywhere. Fine motor wise he has pretty amazing skills. As I said before, he is very careful during meal times, puts puzzles together with ease, and can place things such as crayons back in a box with no problem. He really loves coloring with crayons these days. He also has learned how to do buckles and will sit forever until he gets it. Oh. He also does yoga. He gets down on all fours like he's going to do push-ups and lifts up one leg like he's doing yoga. Then he laughs about it. It's funny. He also just learned how to actually swing with his baseball bat.

Other new things we have seen include banging his head on things when he is mad...which I am desperately trying to eliminate by teaching him to hit pillows when he is mad. Hitting me has seemed to decrease a bit, so that is good. He also lays down right away when we put him in his crib so that he can be covered up. He still enjoys his cereal, his "boo" (glo-worm), and his choo-choo trains. He LOVES peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (he'll eat the entire thing minus the crust) and french toast sticks.

We love our little boy.



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kfiland30 said...

Miss you Mr. Henry !!

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