New addition to the house.

Sunday, January 9, 2011
It's just about that time. 18 months. The earliest age you *should* attempt to begin potty training. We figure since this child signs/verbalizes to us every time he is about to poop (with about 85% accuracy, as sometimes it's just gas), that now is as good a time as any to give it a try.


For now, it's just going to sit in our downstairs bathroom so that he gets familiar with it and comfortable with it.

And look. Smarty pants already knew what to do with it (zero prompting from me).


And, he was really excited about it.


He also had pointed to the big potty and said "dada!"




I went with the simplest one I could find. A potty that made noise and music seemed like such a distraction when you are trying to teach such an important skill. Verbal praise from us will suffice, I think.

I should have given him a book to add a little comedy to these photos.


In other news: a new favorite book.


Current favorite toys:



He also really enjoys the Dyson.

Target clearance on toys kills me after Christmas. I got an additional Thomas set that was $39.99 for $10.00 (which included 2 trains!). And, I also got the Little People Airport (also ran $39.99 before Christmas) for just $10.00 as well.

I also need to do a 17 month update as so many things are new (especially in the last week). Maybe during nap time today. 
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