Red dress + Melting Pot + Whiskey = 26 years.

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Love birthdays in this house. Thursday was mine. 26. 26 is a little harder to swallow than 25 was. 25 was a milestone. 26 is one step closer to a more terrifying milestone. 30. Yikes. Weren't we just in marching band together? Umm...the answer to that is no. November will mark 10 years with the man below.

The red party dress made it better. And my handsome husband, of course.


New loves of mine include the color red (specifically this dress).


And the thing I'm looking into in the photo below. 


The mirror (which I'll post more pictures of tomorrow) is courtesy of these two. Not sure anyone could possibly have neighbors friends more awesome than them.They handmade me a full-length mirror.


Melting Pot was delicious. Spinach artichoke cheese fondue? Yes please.


A "Love" Martini for the birthday girl.




Raw meat.


I got a free piece of delicious cheesecake because it was my birthday.


Blowing out the lone candle.


And the blog's namesake? He stayed with Auntie Liz. Melting Pot isn't quite conducive to toddlers and I'm sure Henry enjoyed hanging out with the girls. He can't possibly not be pictured in a post though!

Blowing candles out with mommy at home. Ryan was sick most of the week and busy at work which lead to no homemade cake in time for my birthday. However, I hear he is going to make up for it by making one tomorrow and marketed the whole scenario as "But you'll get TWO cakes this way."  Because I insisted on blowing out 26 candles on my 26 birthday, here you see a pre-made Target cake. I got all the candles out in one puff too. Here's to hoping that my wish will come true this year.


Oh. And the whiskey? I had some hot cider spiked with Whiskey at the Locale in mpls. I think it was my first taste of whiskey. It was pretty delicious.

*For whatever reason the font I have pre-programmed to be my title font doesn't like plus signs or the equal sign (though I could have sworn I've used those before). Anyway, the hearts you see should be + and the star should be an =. Use your imagination. **


kfiland30 said...

Looked like you all had a good time!
Whiskey Jenna ?? Yuck

Kelly said...

Glad we got to celebrate with you Jenna!! We had an awesome time :)

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