We have a 1 and a half year old.

Thursday, January 27, 2011
18 months. 1.5 yearS (yes the "S" is meant to be emphasized). 6 long months from turning one. 6 short months from turning two. TWO! Insane, I tell you.

As I looked back, it's only been 2-3 posts since I last updated on 17 months, but there have been new things already, so I figured I'd actually do the 18 month update on time. Tomorrow is his big 18 month appointment, but I heard he only gets 1 shot, so that's great!

At 18 months Henry:

-Continually adding new words every. single. day. It is so cool to see and hear. He said his own name for the first time the other day. He also repeated after me the numbers 1-10 tonight.
-Has best friends at daycare. He loves a kindergarten girl named Morgan who he calls "Mo-Mo" and the new baby there. When you say "Let's go to Wendy's." he replies with "Mo-Mo?" He also called for "Mo-Mo" one day when he woke up. He also repeats the names of most of his other friends. 
-Officially climbs onto the couch without holding on to our arm or leg.
-Can walk down stairs really well while holding onto a hand and the spindles.
-Beginning to walk up the stairs--though he thinks he's a really big boy and wants to do one foot on each step (instead of one foot, two foot on each step) and then he'd fall back if I wasn't there. It's a work in progress for our over-achiever.
-More gibberish in sentence form.
-Very particular in book choices. He wants to read what HE wants to read. You can't switch it. Love that he loves reading.
-Climbs up on his rocking horse all by himself.
-Grabs our hands and leads us to floor to sit down and play with him.
-Beginning to learn colors (he sometimes labels yellow and blue right now).
-Stacks 10 blocks.
-Puts on one mitten by himself.
-Puts buckles together (no, we are NOT teaching him how to undo said buckles.)
-Has a new obsession with my hair brushes. Sometimes he wakes up a little early and will come in the bathroom with us while we are getting ready and he will "brush" his hair. He also imitates putting daddy's deodorant on. 

And for those wondering about the potty front---he will go to the bathroom door and open it when we say "Let's go potty." He will also sit down on it with his pants up on his own every time he goes in and he has sat on it sans pants one time. I'll have to take pictures of the incredibly perfect potty book I found last weekend.

Oh goodness. Onto the cuteness. I desperately wanted to recreate MY FANTASTIC Valentine photos from last year with the huge sucker, but alas, Walgreens was out of those precious suckers. So, I compromised and I thought of something more awesome.

A few reminders of the Valentine Photos, 2010 (I still have some of these hanging up at work).


 My baby has changed, slightly. It also seems that mommy's photography skills have grown too.











Love, love, love these last few.






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Time goes by so fast...

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