19 Months!

Saturday, February 26, 2011
These months just keep going by faster and faster. We will have a 2 year old before we know it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, he will count (with us) to eight (when he wants to). He usually doesn't perform for an audience, making us look like fibbers. But, we swear, he's done it...more than once. He also is still working on his colors. Hearing (and watching him) try to say yellow is the funniest thing since he started saying "computer". He's really working hard on that "L" sound. He seems to know blue and yellow, and sometimes green, but nothing else yet. He is consistent on colors with some toys, but then doesn't always transfer it to other objects yet.

He had shapes down a long time ago, but now when you point to them he can tell you what most of them are. He says circle and oval very clearly, and attempts to say octagon, triangle, pentagon and rectangle. The simple one shape goes in one spot puzzles are simply too easy for him anymore. I think we'll upgrade to the large pieces that connect to make one picture very soon.

He still loves, loves books. He will choose to look at books more often than any other activity. He really likes pointing things out to us and insisting that we repeat the word after he says it.

He recognizes his name on his toybox and will say "Henry" when you ask him what it says. And, finally, he is beginning to label himself as "Henry" in pictures he sees, instead of baby. It's fitting, since he's really not a baby anymore. When he says Henry he says, "Hey-re"...too cute!

He still is constantly trying to figure everything out. From getting the cap off the syrup container, to helping daddy and putting things together and taking things apart. He's really into cause and effect too right now. He put his motorized train on the coffee table and over and over again made it ride off the table and crash to the floor.

Speaking of crashing, we've heard more "pretend" noises. He makes noises when he plays with his cars, baby, trains, truck and anything else he feels like moving around on the floor or in the air.

Communication still continues every day. He repeated beer today. Yes, he repeated the word beer. It sounded more like "bear". Aside from that, "Henry" and "yellow", there's nothing else memorable or funny. He repeats absolutely everything and tries to label everything he can. His two-word utterances are expanding too. In recent weeks he has said/repeated "Good listening." (I say that every time he follows a direction), "No! Mocha!", and a few others I can't think of right now. He even had a little 3 word sentence the other night when he said "All done dada".

He climbs on everything like a monkey. His favorite thing to do at home and at daycare is to climb up the couches and stand on the window sill. The couch in our front room is really tall and he gets up on it no problem. He also likes to climb up on the rocking recliners and rock himself and laugh.

His favorite books are his "choo-choo" books and his favorite toys right now are probably his wooden blocks. We keep them in an old oatmeal container and he will dump them out all over himself.

He prefers feeding himself with utensils now. We had chinese tonight and he ate a little bit of rice with his hands, but requested a fork and then went to town.

Speaking of that food stuff, he's actually been eating pretty decent most nights, and he has been trying some new things on his own. He ate lo-mein tonight, tried baked ziti (and LOVED it), ravioli, and bacon (seems to LOVE that too!) in recent weeks.

I feel like I'm forgetting many things, but that's all I have for now! This monthly update is early, can you believe it?!

I finally attempted some indoor shots. The 7 you see below is all we could muster up. These 7 times were the only times he looked up at the camera in the 15 minutes I tried to do this. He did give me some cute ones though. I had to resort to letting him color on the background, however. At least I could cut if off when we were done.

The overalls? Perfect condition Osh Gosh B'Gosh's, likely around 25/26 years old. They used to be daddy's. :)






Daddy's apprentice.

Twice in the past week or two, Henry has insisted on "helping" daddy. First, he had to help hammer in a nail for a new canvas I bought. Then, on this night he had to help daddy change the light switch. By helping, he held his plastic screwdriver and waited for Ryan to say that he needed it. Then, he would give it to him, smile, wait, and then take the screwdriver back when Ryan was "done". As you can see in the photo, Ryan is thinking hard trying to figure out which tool will be the best choice: the real screwdriver, or the plastic yellow one.

Also, the carpet and shelving you see on the floor was used for Henry's new toy closet. Ryan turned our under the stairs area in the basement to a nice, organized toy closet for Henry. The basement was flooded with toys, and it was nice to move some stuff from our upstairs family room downstairs to give us some more breathing room up here. I'll post a picture of that later.


7 weeks!

Friday, February 25, 2011
Ok. We are officially 7 weeks today. Yesterday's ultrasound revealed a perfect looking baby and a beating heart. We were measured yesterday at 6 weeks, 6 days, making us exactly 7 weeks today. Thus, our "change" day will be on Fridays. The dating is also exactly on to where we thought we were. The ultrasound on Valentine's day was just too early to see much. And we love our doctor. love him. He has the best bed side manner of any doctor I've ever seen for anything before.

Changes this week include increased morning sickness (no vomiting yet though), but plenty of gagging on the following:

The smell of the dogs (they stink, and Mocha's breath is disgusting)
The smell of Henry's poop
Having to clean up poop at school.
Ryan's chapstick
Plain water
dog food
and the thought of gagging

So, the smells are really getting to me this week and my food aversions are also coming to be. My nausea comes and goes throughout the day, sometimes feeling like I'm on the verge of throwing up, and other times just feeling like I need to eat something. I've found that if I eat a little something every couple hours, I feel ok. However, one night this week the only thing I could fathom putting in my mouth was peanut butter and jelly. I had it three times in 12 hours.

One thing we found out at our appointment was that since we would be doing a repeat c-section, they schedule those during the 39th week (unless I go into labor before then). That makes us technically due with baby number two on October 7th! I guess we will be buying two Halloween costumes this year!

Bear Bottom

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Henry got these adorable jammies from Chris and Kelly a few weeks ago. They fit him like a glove and are simply too cute.


This is what Henry thinks of me taking pictures of his butt.


I know I haven't taken any "set up" type shots since the Valentine ones. I thought of doing something new this weekend, but it's simply too exhausting even thinking about the work involved. Thus, I've resolved to be better about taking pictures of "life". It's easier, and quite frankly, captures more in the frame about Henry and our everyday life. Like the one below. He's clutching his extra Valentines. We clung to them for the better part of the day, periodically indicating to both myself and daddy that they were indeed "choo-choos."


When I took him to Walgreens to pick out his Valentines (on Valentine morning, because that's how I roll.) I only saw two recognizable characters to him. Buzz Lightyear and one of his new loves, Spiderman. He purposefully and excitedly choose Spiderman right away. After a little more digging, momma found the treasured Thomas the Train, and Spiderman was subsequently tossed to the floor. Give this kid anything "choo-choo" related and you have his heart.

Somebody is well aware of the moment right before he plans on causing mischief and provides us this smile as an indicator.


Love the light on his face in the image on the left. 




I laugh out loud at this one every time. It doesn't even look like him and borders on slightly creepy.


Oh yeah. Our 18 month old (despite forgetting to start with 1) can count all the way to eight.

6 Weeks

Friday, February 18, 2011
We think. Somewhere between 3 days ago, now, and possibly 1-2 days from now, we are at 6 weeks. The letdown that was our Valentine's day ultrasound made us question the viability of this pregnancy and our dating of how far along we are. For all intents and purposes, we'll say 6 weeks now.

So, as it stands now, my upper regions are sore, and nausea set in last night. Nothing as severe as re-purposing my breakfast, lunch or dinner into the toilet, but sick feeling none the less last night and when I woke up this morning. However, I have declared I will happily throw up each and every day if it means this baby(ies) is/are meant to be our next child(ren). I'm also super bloated and large, so that has not subsided yet either. As the doctor told us, the hormones are what cause the symptoms, so even though it's a good sign that the hormones and thus, symptoms are continuing to roll along and increase, it still isn't a clear indicator that everything is all right yet.

We have an ultrasound this Thursday at 10:20 where it is my hope that we will hear a heartbeat (and goodness, maybe even two, as my hormones are so high, and I have a history of twins).

Some people have it so easy.

Monday, February 14, 2011
16 and Pregnant. Probably the show I loathe more than any other in the entire world. I'll watch a marathon of Bonanza before I want to sit and watch that show. I literally hate those girls. Girls who get pregnant willy nilly, no problem and everything is just peachy from the time the sperm hits the egg. Why, why?? must they have it so easy. Girls who can't properly care for a baby and shouldn't be having babies have them, no problem.

Here we sit on Valentine's Day, and rather than celebration, it's more of a waiting period. I had some bad cramping yesterday after walking around the mall for a while. That, coupled with my brown spotting that I just can never seem to shake in pregnancy (yet, I bleed/spot not a drop except for one time since Henry's birth) my new doctor ordered an ultrasound. I know our dating is accurate. We are fairly certain on the date of conception, give or take a day or two. I know I am in the 5th week. Thus, I was hesitant to go into this ultrasound knowing for sure we wouldn't see a heartbeat, let alone a baby.

As (I think) should have been expected, we didn't see a baby. The US tech thought she saw the yolk sac (which is all that should be seen now), but she just wasn't sure. The doctor is concerned, as my HCG levels last Tuesday were at 1400, high enough where we should have seen something. Though those numbers do have a huge range from person to person. For the 4th time in two weeks, I had another HCG draw today, though we won't get the result until tomorrow. I'll be at work when I get the call.*Edit* My HCG that day was 14,000, my doctor is not hopeful, at all.

The three scenarios he laid out for us are as follows:

1. Everything is perfectly fine and my hormone levels are just a bit high and the baby is growing slower than what the number is indicating. We could be exactly where we should be. If this is the case, my number should be somewhere between 4,000-8,000 if this is the case.*Edit* which is wasn't.
2. My HCG level may come back lower or close to 1400 which will indicate an imminent miscarriage.
3. My HCG level may come back incredibly high 20,000 or so--and that will indicate a chemical pregnancy, which again, would indicate an imminent miscarriage.

I am just praying that we are scenario one. I'm trying to relax (there has been no more cramping or spotting today) and believe that this is the baby we are meant to have. If that is not the case, I literally don't know how I will deal with this for a third time.


Saturday, February 12, 2011
Anyone who reads this probably saw my facebook update yesterday. If not, here is a recap.

Ryan did some research looking for the growth chart online so that we could start weighing him more at home and tracking where he is. As it turns out, there are two recommended growth charts that the CDC recommends. One is one that the CDC came up with 40 some years ago, based on one community of strickly formula fed babies. Awesome. This chart is the chart our clinic uses. This chart is the recommended chart for 2 year olds and up.

The World Health Organization came up with their own chart in 2006 where they completely designed a study looking at the most optimal conditions for growth in 0-2 year olds (including breastfeeding). This is the growth chart that the CDC recommends using for 0-2 year olds. This is not the one our clinic has been using. And, when asked, the nurses looked at Ryan like he was stupid.

These two charts are quite different when points are plotted on the graph. Using the correct chart recommended for a child Henry's age, his weight is now in the 30%tile. If you didn't catch his weight on my fb post, it was 22 pounds and 12 ounces. Ryan took him in to get weighed yesterday and he jumped up to that from 20 pounds 8 ounces in 2 weeks. This leads me to believe that the nurse read the scale wrong, and we also believe she originally plotted that weight on the wrong part of the graph (causing us to believe he was off the charts, when at that weight he was still 5%tile or something).

So, the moral of all of this?

One, we will be finding a new clinic. We are done with them.

Two, in the nicest way I can type out, do NOT think it will be ok to say "I told you so." in any form. One of my full time jobs is to worry about this child, and I would much, much rather be over cautious, over worry and get additional testing done just for that piece of mind. I will never ever be the mom that denies my child has any sort of problem if any sort of problem would ever come up again. I will always do whatever it takes to ensure his health, safety, and growth in all developmental areas. So yes, there may have been many of you saying "It's normal", but it took some investigation of many things for us to finally believe that. And now we do. He is ok, and he looks like he may not grow to be as tall as Ryan, and we are ok with that.

Now, onto the celebration. We (along with Chris and Kelly) thought it would be perfectly fitting to celebrate with malts and shakes at Tommy's Malt Shop. This child went to town on his kid's grilled cheese/fries and stole the majority of my oreo, hot fudge & brownie shake. We are pretty sure he was in a food coma in the car on the way home.



Nobody likes pictures when they are eating mom!







The straw wasn't "working." What's a smart kid to do? Take it out and suck on the other end.


omg. his face in this one. love.



5 Weeks!

Friday, February 11, 2011
What's new this week? Bloat. I don't remember this type of bloat with Henry, but after looking at my bump pictures with Henry, because of my bloat, I look the same that I did at 14 weeks with Henry. Exactly. Now, it's early, so I know it's bloat, but man. I feel like I have to suck it in or people are going to start asking me too early. (We aren't telling the world until I'm out of the first trimester.) I'm guessing my extra 5 pounds of fluff leftover from Henry must be contributing to this.

In other news, still exhausted and can't wait to get home each day to lay down and rest. I cried at the superbowl, cried at a bank commercial, and cried at something else ridiculous I couldn't remember.

I had my HCG levels looked at again earlier this week because I had had some very light spotting and they wanted to double check. On a day when I was expecting it to be around 600-700 (based on the typical doubling pattern it is supposed to take), it had skyrocketed to 1200. Because of that, they didn't think it was necessary to go in a second time to make sure that THAT doubled too. I've had light, light, light bits of spotting here and there, but I've decided that it's just what it is at this point.

I'm getting really anxious for our ultrasound on the 25th. Interestingly enough, when I was looking through old bump posts of Henry, we had our BIG ultrasound/anatomy scan on February 25th with Henry. I'm hoping that this ultrasound will reveal everything is on track as well and I can de-stress a little bit.

I had my first little bit of sick feeling and not wanting to eat a couple nights ago. We decided on pancakes and I could only eat one. Otherwise, I've actually been extremely hungry most of the time.

Catching Up

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
I've been a bad blogger again. I found some old photos from a few weeks ago, so those are in here too.

Henry's lab tests all came back normal last week, which is an obvious relief, but yet still doesn't give us answers. We are still waiting to get an actual report back on everything though. Next step is to make an appointment with a nutritionist. Tonight he ate two spoonfuls of cut up strawberries, half of a small piece of garlic bread and a tablespoon of ranch dressing he decided to eat with a fork.


"Melmo" slippers.



A new trick we know. Am I referring to his ability to sweep up our obviously dirty floor with his pants?...or the upside down move? Hmm...both are good tricks.


4 Weeks!

Friday, February 4, 2011
I don't think I'll start the official bump pictures until 10/11 weeks like I did last time. When I stick this gut out, I look about 4 months, and, obviously, we aren't there yet so I will spare you the bloat.

Since I've already posted the big news, I'll take you back to the week we found out. Much like my first symptom with Henry, I was absolutely exhausted the day before I took the test. I originally chalked it up to a very long day at work, but when it happened a second day in a row, I took a pregnancy test. As I waited for the test, thinking it would be negative like many, many others have been in recent months, I answered a phone call and talked to my co-teacher for a minute. As I was still talking I looked down at it and thought "No way. That looks like two lines." But I decided to avert my eyes until it was officially "finished". Once I got off the phone I went and looked and this is definitely what I saw. *Insert picture*

After the nightmare that was December (which I won't get into just yet), I called the doctor and demanded to get the Beta bloodwork done that checks the levels of the HCG pregnancy hormone in your bloodstream. The test was done Wednesday afternoon and my number came back at 50 (the first number means virtually nothing--what matters is that it doubles within 48 hours). So on Friday afternoon, I went into the hospital and got bloodwork done again and it came back at 145, more than doubling!

Other things significant about this week--I was already in hormone induced tears at the following: American Idol, the movie "My Girl", and at the lab tech who refused to give me my results because I didn't have a release of information on myself (I had to wait nearly 2.5 hours for the clinic to call me back with my second results on Friday).
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