19 Months!

Saturday, February 26, 2011
These months just keep going by faster and faster. We will have a 2 year old before we know it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, he will count (with us) to eight (when he wants to). He usually doesn't perform for an audience, making us look like fibbers. But, we swear, he's done it...more than once. He also is still working on his colors. Hearing (and watching him) try to say yellow is the funniest thing since he started saying "computer". He's really working hard on that "L" sound. He seems to know blue and yellow, and sometimes green, but nothing else yet. He is consistent on colors with some toys, but then doesn't always transfer it to other objects yet.

He had shapes down a long time ago, but now when you point to them he can tell you what most of them are. He says circle and oval very clearly, and attempts to say octagon, triangle, pentagon and rectangle. The simple one shape goes in one spot puzzles are simply too easy for him anymore. I think we'll upgrade to the large pieces that connect to make one picture very soon.

He still loves, loves books. He will choose to look at books more often than any other activity. He really likes pointing things out to us and insisting that we repeat the word after he says it.

He recognizes his name on his toybox and will say "Henry" when you ask him what it says. And, finally, he is beginning to label himself as "Henry" in pictures he sees, instead of baby. It's fitting, since he's really not a baby anymore. When he says Henry he says, "Hey-re"...too cute!

He still is constantly trying to figure everything out. From getting the cap off the syrup container, to helping daddy and putting things together and taking things apart. He's really into cause and effect too right now. He put his motorized train on the coffee table and over and over again made it ride off the table and crash to the floor.

Speaking of crashing, we've heard more "pretend" noises. He makes noises when he plays with his cars, baby, trains, truck and anything else he feels like moving around on the floor or in the air.

Communication still continues every day. He repeated beer today. Yes, he repeated the word beer. It sounded more like "bear". Aside from that, "Henry" and "yellow", there's nothing else memorable or funny. He repeats absolutely everything and tries to label everything he can. His two-word utterances are expanding too. In recent weeks he has said/repeated "Good listening." (I say that every time he follows a direction), "No! Mocha!", and a few others I can't think of right now. He even had a little 3 word sentence the other night when he said "All done dada".

He climbs on everything like a monkey. His favorite thing to do at home and at daycare is to climb up the couches and stand on the window sill. The couch in our front room is really tall and he gets up on it no problem. He also likes to climb up on the rocking recliners and rock himself and laugh.

His favorite books are his "choo-choo" books and his favorite toys right now are probably his wooden blocks. We keep them in an old oatmeal container and he will dump them out all over himself.

He prefers feeding himself with utensils now. We had chinese tonight and he ate a little bit of rice with his hands, but requested a fork and then went to town.

Speaking of that food stuff, he's actually been eating pretty decent most nights, and he has been trying some new things on his own. He ate lo-mein tonight, tried baked ziti (and LOVED it), ravioli, and bacon (seems to LOVE that too!) in recent weeks.

I feel like I'm forgetting many things, but that's all I have for now! This monthly update is early, can you believe it?!

I finally attempted some indoor shots. The 7 you see below is all we could muster up. These 7 times were the only times he looked up at the camera in the 15 minutes I tried to do this. He did give me some cute ones though. I had to resort to letting him color on the background, however. At least I could cut if off when we were done.

The overalls? Perfect condition Osh Gosh B'Gosh's, likely around 25/26 years old. They used to be daddy's. :)






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