Bear Bottom

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Henry got these adorable jammies from Chris and Kelly a few weeks ago. They fit him like a glove and are simply too cute.


This is what Henry thinks of me taking pictures of his butt.


I know I haven't taken any "set up" type shots since the Valentine ones. I thought of doing something new this weekend, but it's simply too exhausting even thinking about the work involved. Thus, I've resolved to be better about taking pictures of "life". It's easier, and quite frankly, captures more in the frame about Henry and our everyday life. Like the one below. He's clutching his extra Valentines. We clung to them for the better part of the day, periodically indicating to both myself and daddy that they were indeed "choo-choos."


When I took him to Walgreens to pick out his Valentines (on Valentine morning, because that's how I roll.) I only saw two recognizable characters to him. Buzz Lightyear and one of his new loves, Spiderman. He purposefully and excitedly choose Spiderman right away. After a little more digging, momma found the treasured Thomas the Train, and Spiderman was subsequently tossed to the floor. Give this kid anything "choo-choo" related and you have his heart.

Somebody is well aware of the moment right before he plans on causing mischief and provides us this smile as an indicator.


Love the light on his face in the image on the left. 




I laugh out loud at this one every time. It doesn't even look like him and borders on slightly creepy.


Oh yeah. Our 18 month old (despite forgetting to start with 1) can count all the way to eight.


kfiland30 said...

Henry is a silly boy !!
Grandma and Bumpa miss you!

Kelly said...

hahahaha I think I laughed all the way through this post at his expressions! WAYYYYY to cute! I missed him (and you & ryan) this weekend! :)

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