Saturday, February 12, 2011
Anyone who reads this probably saw my facebook update yesterday. If not, here is a recap.

Ryan did some research looking for the growth chart online so that we could start weighing him more at home and tracking where he is. As it turns out, there are two recommended growth charts that the CDC recommends. One is one that the CDC came up with 40 some years ago, based on one community of strickly formula fed babies. Awesome. This chart is the chart our clinic uses. This chart is the recommended chart for 2 year olds and up.

The World Health Organization came up with their own chart in 2006 where they completely designed a study looking at the most optimal conditions for growth in 0-2 year olds (including breastfeeding). This is the growth chart that the CDC recommends using for 0-2 year olds. This is not the one our clinic has been using. And, when asked, the nurses looked at Ryan like he was stupid.

These two charts are quite different when points are plotted on the graph. Using the correct chart recommended for a child Henry's age, his weight is now in the 30%tile. If you didn't catch his weight on my fb post, it was 22 pounds and 12 ounces. Ryan took him in to get weighed yesterday and he jumped up to that from 20 pounds 8 ounces in 2 weeks. This leads me to believe that the nurse read the scale wrong, and we also believe she originally plotted that weight on the wrong part of the graph (causing us to believe he was off the charts, when at that weight he was still 5%tile or something).

So, the moral of all of this?

One, we will be finding a new clinic. We are done with them.

Two, in the nicest way I can type out, do NOT think it will be ok to say "I told you so." in any form. One of my full time jobs is to worry about this child, and I would much, much rather be over cautious, over worry and get additional testing done just for that piece of mind. I will never ever be the mom that denies my child has any sort of problem if any sort of problem would ever come up again. I will always do whatever it takes to ensure his health, safety, and growth in all developmental areas. So yes, there may have been many of you saying "It's normal", but it took some investigation of many things for us to finally believe that. And now we do. He is ok, and he looks like he may not grow to be as tall as Ryan, and we are ok with that.

Now, onto the celebration. We (along with Chris and Kelly) thought it would be perfectly fitting to celebrate with malts and shakes at Tommy's Malt Shop. This child went to town on his kid's grilled cheese/fries and stole the majority of my oreo, hot fudge & brownie shake. We are pretty sure he was in a food coma in the car on the way home.



Nobody likes pictures when they are eating mom!







The straw wasn't "working." What's a smart kid to do? Take it out and suck on the other end.


omg. his face in this one. love.



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Tom said...

Just love the pix - Henry really LIKES ketchup, doesn't he? Me too !! It's sad that so many in the medical community think they are infallible, and that all of their customers don't know anything. Talk about egotistical. I hope the next clinic you use has better employees...

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