Daddy's apprentice.

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Twice in the past week or two, Henry has insisted on "helping" daddy. First, he had to help hammer in a nail for a new canvas I bought. Then, on this night he had to help daddy change the light switch. By helping, he held his plastic screwdriver and waited for Ryan to say that he needed it. Then, he would give it to him, smile, wait, and then take the screwdriver back when Ryan was "done". As you can see in the photo, Ryan is thinking hard trying to figure out which tool will be the best choice: the real screwdriver, or the plastic yellow one.

Also, the carpet and shelving you see on the floor was used for Henry's new toy closet. Ryan turned our under the stairs area in the basement to a nice, organized toy closet for Henry. The basement was flooded with toys, and it was nice to move some stuff from our upstairs family room downstairs to give us some more breathing room up here. I'll post a picture of that later.


1 comment:

Sarah Helfinstine said...

That is a fantastic use for the under the stairs space--can't wait to see pictures of how it turned out!

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