20 Months!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Ryan and I always try to do these monthly updates together, as it gets more difficult to remember and keep track of all the new things he does each month. Right now, though, we are at a loss to remember every tiny little thing since there is something new every day! Here are some of the big ones this month:

He recognizes his name as a whole and can identify and label each letter (i.e. can answer both forms--either "Where is the H?" or "What letter is this?"). He pretty much picked that up in a weekend. He also knows O, A, S, L, U and B and is always trying to give a letter a label and repeats the correct names when we give it to him. He also is picking up on letters in the environment frequently too, since this huge interest in letters has sprouted. He screamed "H!!!!!" when he saw "H" in a "Home" sign we have on a shelf, and he screamed "H!!!!" when he saw it in the word "shoe" at a sign at Kohls.

As reported last month, I think, he does know his name and this month (thanks to Auntie Liz) will point to himself and say "Hey-ry". It is TOO cute. He loves pointing to the people around him and naming them.

Another favorite of ours are his animal sounds. I've probably reported on a couple of these before, but new ones this month are pig, baby chick and horse (he also knows kitty, puppy, duck, sheep, monkey, lion and tiger). My favorites are his kitty "meow" and his horsie "neigh". We learned that one fast when daddy started letting Henry ride him like a horse on his back.

One word vocabulary continues to expand daily, and the two word phrases have been coming here and there too (I need to start writing these ones down, as he'll say them here and there, but not consistently enough for me to remember them). He does "all better" after we kiss an owie, says "another one" when pointing to things that are the same, has said "Mocha, no!", adds "please" to more things such as when requesting food, asking for more and asking for help. He still only signs please though. Won't say it. doesn't even try. Not sure why.

He has started self-correcting himself when doing puzzles. He'll put something in the wrong place and say "Nooooo!!" and then put it in the right place. He also needs new puzzles. The type he has are all the one piece goes in the one place which is too easy for him. We have to get some of those beginner large wooden ones that put together a picture in 10 pieces or so. He also began self correcting himself today when he got into a cupboard he knows he's gotten in trouble for getting into before. He opened it up and then yelled "No!!!'. I think "no" is still his favorite word. I don't think he really understands quite what it means yet, but occasionally, lately, when asking him if he wants to do something (i.e. Does Henry want a bath?"), he will quietly and politely say "No."

He loves to throw balls around the house. Sometimes he tries to throw it so hard that he somehow lets it go behind his head in excitement and the ball gets flung behind him. He also really enjoys playing fetch for some reason. He'll chase a ball many, many times before he gets tired.

He can take off his own pants, shirt, pull zippers up and down and recently learned how to get his own shoes on (he's been able to take them off since he was nearly 1). He's also been really working on trying to get his own pants and socks on.

He has also become our official puppy tattletale. He pretty much never misses a beat when the dogs are doing something they aren't supposed to be doing (playing tug of war with one of his shirts, eating a crayon, shredding toilet paper, etc.) He'll run screaming to us "No!!!!!! Uh-oh!!!!". I don't think the dogs enjoy this new skill as much as we do.

He's really great about puting toys away and is really beginning to understand "first this, then that" in terms of cleaning up and also with eating. I've been having him clean up one toy before we get out another set of toys and he's usually pretty good about it. He also understands one more bite and then pudding, cookie or one more bite and then all done when eating. Every once in a while he'll throw a fit, but he usually we'll take one more bite, and that's all we can ask for.

We have a scale up in his bathroom and I just weighed him tonight. We are clocking in at ALMOST 24 pounds...23.9 tonight to be exact. Thank you strawberry Pediasure...it's his favorite!

We also just happened to measure his height today as we begin to think about the transition to a toddler bed (which won't happen until around his birthday or so). They say 35-36 inches is the magic height when most toddlers should be able to crawl out of the crib (and then subsequently really hurt themselves), but that many others can do it before that height. His height today was a solid 32 inches. So, even though we have a monkey on our hands, hopefully we can hold out until at least his birthday. We are hoping to have him transitioned into his new bed and room before his little brother or sister is born.

Also new for this month just last night was a leash. Yes, in preparation for our trip to Florida, we bought a monkey backpack leash. There will be too many times where we will be taking him out of the stroller, and once he gets out, he sort of puts up  a fight to get back in. To solve this problem, we bought the monkey leash so that he can at least happily walk around some of the time. Heaven help us on the plane ride though.

The 20 month pictures were also his big brother reveal pictures--so here are a few more from that day.





Henry was being less than cooperative, so these photos are less than stellar.

Week 11!

Saturday, March 26, 2011
I don't have a whole lot new to report for this week. Obviously we shared our news the other day, so that was pretty exciting. Totally makes it feel much more real than it did before. I'm feeling ok, still really tired, and ate an absolutely delicious Jimmy John's turkey sandwich today. It was the first thing in a while that really, really hit "the spot". Our next appointment won't be for another 3.5 weeks, so I don't really have anything else.

According to the website I frequent, baby is the size of a lime; 1.6 inches in length and .25 oz. Fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming!

Enjoy the belly pictures. Henry did :)




We aren't afraid to show our bellies.


I believe in birthday wishes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Every year I make a birthday wish, much like many other people do, I'm sure. Unfortunately, I never really give it much thought until I'm about to blow the candles out. Up until there were 26 candles on my cake, I don't think I could ever really name (remember) anything I've wished for before, and thus, can't remember if any other wish I've ever wished for on a birthday cake has been granted.

Remember this photo? The wish in progress.


As stated in that birthday post, I made a very specific and deliberate wish that night as I held Henry and blew out my candles (though I obviously didn't mention what it was at the time).

I'm not sure who is in charge of granting said birthday wishes, but, damn, he (or she) works fast because...

...this turned up at our house just 12 days later.

Which means this for Henry:



                                                                             He's excited!


And means that that whiskey cider was mommy's last drink.

Now, stop reading this and assuming I'm delusional in thinking that some birthday wish fairy toting a wand with magic birthday candles helped us conceive. It's all for the writing folks. I know how and when this baby came to be.

And for those who were in the know on some of our struggles, this baby, just as Henry was, was conceived on our own. Our doctors can't exactly explain my issues and are chalking it up to possibly Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome....but are, however, baffled that I ovulated two months in a row (with only one recognizable period since Henry's birth.) And that is all I will say on that for now.

Our sweet baby is due to arrive October 14, but since I will elect to have a scheduled c-section as my doctor (and we) believe it is the safest option for both the baby and myself, we are technically due October 7th, as they won't let me go beyond 39 weeks.

So there you have it. I blogged (but obviously didn't post) the last 6 weeks of what's been happening, so here are the links to all of those.

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6 
More Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10

Here is the only ultrasound look we have of our new baby thus far, at 6 weeks, 6 days.


And, here's what things are looking like on the outside. We were going to wait until we were officially out of the first trimester to share the news, but as you can see, another 2 weeks of hiding would be difficult. Looking back on the blog, it seems we shared the news about Henry at 10 weeks.

Baby #2 at 10 weeks.

10 weeks



vs. Henry at 11 weeks.

Week 11 belly 2

We had our 10 week appointment on Wednesday. This was the first, long, standard "OB check" where they did an exam, checked for heartbeat and asked us a million questions about our health history. After answering all the questions with the nurse, our awesome doctor came in and the heartbeat was first on the agenda. He prefaced it with saying that since this is the earliest time you can hear it on the doppler, that it sometimes is like finding a needle in a haystack. He wiggled his doppler around for what seemed like forever (and at one point, I was positive I had heard a quick "swish swish" and knew everything was going to be ok) and when he finally landed on that sweet spot, the tears fell immediately. Being the amazing doctor that he is proving to be, he settled the doppler on that spot for us to hear that beautiful heartbeat, plugging away at 170 bpm, for what seemed like a whole minute. Instant relief and pure happiness in knowing, that yes, there is indeed a sweet little life beating inside of me.

Aside from that, there wasn't too much else to this appointment, except for when he examined my uterus...and stated "Wow. It's a good size already. Have you noticed?" Yes sir, I haven't been able to button my pants in nearly 3 weeks. I've noticed. :) We asked a few questions at the end...one of which was a random question I had about coughing and sneezing. I sneezed really hard this morning and it shot a huge shooting pain across my abdomen. I asked if it was normal (which I assumed it was because I remember it with Henry), and he said yes. He explained how the ligaments are already stretching a bit and it causes the discomfort I will sometimes feel with coughs, laughs and sneezes. He then finished by saying "Since this is your second child, every symptom will likely come sooner, last longer, and be more intense/painful." Sweet!

Our "change" day is Friday--so expect to see those belly photos each Friday.

Finally, as Ryan stated shortly after the doctor left the room yesterday:

"Here we go." :)

10 Weeks!

Friday, March 18, 2011
10 Weeks and the first belly picture! I had my first person ask me if I was pregnant today--so clearly, there's something there!

Baby is now the size of a prune! Bones and cartilage are starting to form and vital organs are beginning to function. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will too.)

I've been feeling pretty good this week. Still only feel like eating certain things, but didn't quite have the all day nausea that I have been having. I still feel like I will throw up and gag on my own coughing and am still tired all the time. Having a cold I haven't been able to get rid of isn't helping either.

I haven't been sleeping much yet either. I fall asleep around 8-9 depending on what I am doing, and then go up to bed around 10. I stay awake for a long time, toss and turn all night, and wake for the day around 4:30-5:00. Not much sleep being had here. I'm usually a tummy sleeper, and it already doesn't feel right to sleep on my tummy, so I'm sure that has something to do with it too.

I continue to not be able to button my pants, and actually busted out my smallest pair of maternity pants today. I'm not ashamed. It's not like anyone gets a pregnancy medal for being able to wear regular clothes until they are 20 weeks. Bring on the comfy maternity clothes.

Our next appointment is on Wednesday. I simply can't wait! We were able to "see" the heartbeat at the last visit, but this time we will be able to hear it on the doppler on my belly. I'm excited to see what my fundal height is (measurement of uterus--usually correlates to numbers of weeks you are in centimeters--thus I should be around 10cm, but would assume I'll be larger as I don't look like I did with Henry at 10 weeks).

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011
My mom is expecting awesome photos. Unfortunately, mom, this is the best we could do. The tie was a no-go. Henry tried pulling it off, and it was just going to come back and snap him in the neck. The hat, he liked before I got the camera out. Here, not so much.



In case you can't tell in the above picture, Henry is a little fascinated with his nipples when the shirt is off. And, you can see his outie belly button sticking out of the top of his diaper.

Since that was a bust, here are some other super cute pictures from the last few days.

Henry in his monster towel.


You see, Henry was crabby because it was "after bath" time. That means jammies and a book to him...not mommy busts out the camera.


Hanging out and waiting for daddy to finish putting the jammies on.



Storytime with Bumpa.





Making some important phone calls.



Switching to texting on the left.


And finally, Henry does the splits. He just started doing it the other day. We assume he learned it at daycare, as neither Ryan or myself regularly engage in gymnastics.


Daddy joins in.


That's two posts already this week. :)

Sea Life Aquarium

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Today we went to the new Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America. They remodeled the old Underwater Adventures (which we hadn't been to) so we figured we'd go since Henry's been loving animals so much lately.

It was a pretty fun place, and probably took exactly as long as it needed to, since Henry was getting close to nap time. It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be, so that was nice as well. Unfortunately, we took Henry out of his stroller a little toon soon into the adventure, as after he was out, he didn't want back in, and he only wanted to push the stroller after that.







1, 2, 3 Henrys!!



                              Checking out the Finding Nemo Fish. They had all of them except for Nemo.





                                                                  Heading into the big shark tank!






                                                                Mommy gets in on a picture!



                                                      Henry doesn't look as happy as I do.


Hmmm...a new profile picture, perhaps.


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