4 Weeks!

Friday, February 4, 2011
I don't think I'll start the official bump pictures until 10/11 weeks like I did last time. When I stick this gut out, I look about 4 months, and, obviously, we aren't there yet so I will spare you the bloat.

Since I've already posted the big news, I'll take you back to the week we found out. Much like my first symptom with Henry, I was absolutely exhausted the day before I took the test. I originally chalked it up to a very long day at work, but when it happened a second day in a row, I took a pregnancy test. As I waited for the test, thinking it would be negative like many, many others have been in recent months, I answered a phone call and talked to my co-teacher for a minute. As I was still talking I looked down at it and thought "No way. That looks like two lines." But I decided to avert my eyes until it was officially "finished". Once I got off the phone I went and looked and this is definitely what I saw. *Insert picture*

After the nightmare that was December (which I won't get into just yet), I called the doctor and demanded to get the Beta bloodwork done that checks the levels of the HCG pregnancy hormone in your bloodstream. The test was done Wednesday afternoon and my number came back at 50 (the first number means virtually nothing--what matters is that it doubles within 48 hours). So on Friday afternoon, I went into the hospital and got bloodwork done again and it came back at 145, more than doubling!

Other things significant about this week--I was already in hormone induced tears at the following: American Idol, the movie "My Girl", and at the lab tech who refused to give me my results because I didn't have a release of information on myself (I had to wait nearly 2.5 hours for the clinic to call me back with my second results on Friday).

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