5 Weeks!

Friday, February 11, 2011
What's new this week? Bloat. I don't remember this type of bloat with Henry, but after looking at my bump pictures with Henry, because of my bloat, I look the same that I did at 14 weeks with Henry. Exactly. Now, it's early, so I know it's bloat, but man. I feel like I have to suck it in or people are going to start asking me too early. (We aren't telling the world until I'm out of the first trimester.) I'm guessing my extra 5 pounds of fluff leftover from Henry must be contributing to this.

In other news, still exhausted and can't wait to get home each day to lay down and rest. I cried at the superbowl, cried at a bank commercial, and cried at something else ridiculous I couldn't remember.

I had my HCG levels looked at again earlier this week because I had had some very light spotting and they wanted to double check. On a day when I was expecting it to be around 600-700 (based on the typical doubling pattern it is supposed to take), it had skyrocketed to 1200. Because of that, they didn't think it was necessary to go in a second time to make sure that THAT doubled too. I've had light, light, light bits of spotting here and there, but I've decided that it's just what it is at this point.

I'm getting really anxious for our ultrasound on the 25th. Interestingly enough, when I was looking through old bump posts of Henry, we had our BIG ultrasound/anatomy scan on February 25th with Henry. I'm hoping that this ultrasound will reveal everything is on track as well and I can de-stress a little bit.

I had my first little bit of sick feeling and not wanting to eat a couple nights ago. We decided on pancakes and I could only eat one. Otherwise, I've actually been extremely hungry most of the time.

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