9 weeks!

Friday, March 11, 2011
Baby is the size of a green olive this week! At nine weeks, the embryo officially graduates to fetus-hood.  With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like a baby at this point. 

As for mom, I still feel sick, most of the time, throughout the day, although yesterday I didn't feel too bad...except for at supper not feeling like eating anything (which turned into eating 5 bites of mac and cheese and 1 leftover piece of pizza). I had some really bad days at work where I just wanted to lay down all afternoon, coupled with getting a second hit of extreme exhaustion. Each day, like clockwork, when it hit 1:00pm, I could literally barely keep my eyes open in class. 

My bloat is officially baby. There's no denying it anymore, and it's getting increasingly harder to hide it from people that don't know (and these days, the only people I see on a semi-regular basis are people at work who don't know yet). I won't be providing any visuals until next week, but when looking back at Henry's bump pictures, I compare to when I was 16 weeks with him. 16 weeks!! at 9 weeks!! To make things easier (and to avoid a few people thinking "Is she fat or pregnant?") I have told the co workers I see each and every day.   I've also been avoiding a few neighborhood lady functions until I can lay out my official excuse to not drink, get pedicures, etc. in a few weeks.We've decided that we will likely tell "the rest of the world" via facebook shortly after our next appointment. That appointment will be at just about 11 weeks. The doctor said that once you hear the heartbeat on the belly with the doppler device around 10 weeks, the miscarriage rate drops to 3%. I think we told everyone else about Henry at 10 weeks too (as that is when I started his blog).

My potato craving has subsided a little, and I haven't had any burning desire for anything else lately--just haven't felt like anything in particular at any meal, really. Some things still don't sound good at all either.

Acne has come back. After having it worse than anyone I'd known during my teenage and early 20 years, it's virtually (finally) disappeared since I was last pregnant. It's back with a vengence this week...which I can deal with, since it means the hormones are still plugging away in my body. Nothing a little makeup can heal!

Tomorrow I have to go to a conference for work. The one thing that scares me is that I've felt the icky-est when driving, and since I will likely be riding in the back, I'm afraid for how I will feel (and won't be able to say anything about because 2/3 in the car don't know yet). Not like I can carry an ice cream bucket with me without any obvious reason. We'll see!

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